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From: Season Tickets 2013/14

Posted by Glenn, 05 July 2013 - - - - - - · 531 views

One word ruins your list ...VENKYSCUM
Gotta make my decision today on renewing . Still undecided .

You say that Abbs but I also think we're in a far better place approaching the new season than we were at the start of last. Mainly for the reasons Stuart lists but even though we must be losing money hand over fist, are Venky's servicing this? Maybe they actually are? Then again they might not be! But all I know is that the club keeps going somehow. I don't think anyone really knows. 
If they didn't care one iota would they have got us Cat1 status? Would they have paid for a new pitch? Would they have paid off Murphy, Gomes? Would they have allowed Bowyer to bring his own team of back room staff in and funded the wages of the new players? Would they really be letting Bowyer, on the face of it, just get on with it how he sees fit? Or would they have just walked away by now - leaving us with huge amounts of debt?
This is in no way a pro-Venky's post, they're minutes away from going straight back to square one at any one time. They have that in their locker, we all know that. I'm just putting it out there that maybe, just maybe, it really has all been down to never been seen before levels of idiocy on their part and the fact that they have been completely and utterly fleeced by placing their trust in the totally wrong people (we know who they are). It's one massive corner they need to turn (I said the other day on here that I reckon it could take up to five years to put things right) but maybe they are going in the right direction? Got to be careful here, I'm well aware that they could cock it all up by the time I've finished typing.
They do need to get rid of Shaw by the way. Useless.
Anyway, I reckon you should renew Abbey, if only so you can go with your lad. You did it last season - this one for me is at least shaping up a little better in terms of having a plan and a strategy on the football side and although they haven't splashed the cash in terms of transfer fees they do appear to be allowing Bowyer to bring players in with points to prove and hopefully a desire to do well - which is what we all want to see.

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From: Season Tickets 2013/14

Posted by Glenn, 05 July 2013 - - - - - - · 496 views

Why needless to say?  If you don't need to say it then don't.  You're wearing your non renewal as a badge of honour and it's not.  It's your personal choice not to renew, but it's not some moral highground you occupy there.  We've gone beyond this surely.  some won't set foot in Ewood until every part of the Venkys takeover is gone.  That's their right and their prerogative but don't say it like it's in some way superior.  The shredder had my renewal letter a few weeks ago too because I didn't need it - I renewed online.

I think the bit in bold is where we are now.

Some reasons to be cheerful:

- No Kean, Agnew
- Gary Bowyer seems a genuine bloke and one we can all get behind
- Season ticket prices are still very low (even ignoring next season's pseudo-offer)
- Some deadwood removed
- Some quiet but promising transfer business already under way
- People are even starting to ignore Singh's mad comments (Starve him of an audience and maybe he'll lose his impact)
- Academy status shows signs planning for the future
- Jordan Rhodes smiling and signing autographs in the club shop

Ironically now that Aggers has gone that, just maybe, we can start to move on...

Source: Season Tickets 2013/14

From: Season Tickets 2013/14

Posted by Glenn, 05 July 2013 - - - - - - · 442 views

Why needless to say?  If you don't need to say it then don't.  You're wearing your non renewal as a badge of honour and it's not.  It's your personal choice not to renew, but it's not some moral highground you occupy there.  We've gone beyond this surely.  some won't set foot in Ewood until every part of the Venkys takeover is gone.  That's their right and their prerogative but don't say it like it's in some way superior.  The shredder had my renewal letter a few weeks ago too because I didn't need it - I renewed online.

Source: Season Tickets 2013/14

From: Tim Sherwood set to become Rovers manager

Posted by Glenn, 20 May 2013 - - - - - - · 435 views

According to Albert Einstein insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Venky's fit the definition perfectly.

Source: Tim Sherwood set to become Rovers manager

From: New Article -> April to Season End Review

Posted by Kamy100, 07 May 2013 - - - - - - · 2001 views

Right, this is it then. Seven games to go in this season end wrap up. Who’s up for this review gig next year then? I’ve done my bit.
The good news is that by the time you’ve read all this, and all the embedded links, it’ll be mid-August, which is probably when season tickets will go on sale.
First up...
A song. New Orders ‘Ceremony’.

Rovers should walk out to this… sadly I fear there’s more chance of the team walking out to the ‘Chicken Song’ next season. Actually they should probably walk out to ‘Atmosphere’ the way it’s going (that’s the Joy Division version, not Russ Abbott’s, Venky’s for crying out loud).
“Is everyone having a nice time?” Good grief. Not really, Bernard, but thanks for asking. In all fairness you weren’t to know about Venky’s and their associates in 2002 and that you’d be in a BRFCS review of April 2013 were you? In fact none of us even in our wildest nightmares back then would have believed it possible that 11 years later Rovers would be owned by Chicken farmers from Pune and that we would have a “Global Advisor” who is the Malaysian equivalent of Elton bloody Welsby after he had undergone major, unsuccessful, brain surgery delivered with a rusty tea spoon.
Monday 1st April – Cardiff City 3 Rovers 0 (Campbell, Mason, Whittingham)
Sat just two points off the relegation places before the match, Rovers thought it would be a good idea to rest top scorer Jordan Rhodes, along with Jason Lowe, David Dunn and someone else or other. Dunn of late was the only one playing with any semblance of a degree of urgency. Rhodes as we all know is the only one who scores goals.
In their place came Best, Bentley, Pedersen and a man who I had hoped would never play for us ever again, Danny Murphy.
Hey and guess what? Yep, we stank. It was utter garbage.
Inability to mark at set pieces? Check. Inability to trouble the opposition goalkeeper? Check. Ability to concede with practically the last kick of the game? Check. Oh yes, it was all there. All the VBRFC party pieces were in evidence.
Jake Kean also injured himself and would now miss the rest of the season. A bad day all round.
Rovers now sat in 19th place. Equal on points with four other teams including Huddersfield Town who were 22nd and whom we paid £8m for Jordan Rhodes earlier in the season, only for him to sit on the bench whist we are in a relegation battle.
It had been a real effort but at long last that 33/1 shot of VBRFC being relegated looked decidedly on. Someone somewhere in the world must have been delighted.
Thursday 4th April – After approximately 48 hours (a club record in recent times) of relative tranquillity, Derek Shaw, aka ‘Shelf Bloke’, aka the Managing Director and the man who put’s the Sha into Shagnew, was relieved of his duties. This pending an investigation into the amount of compensation Henning Berg was due to receive following his fortnight in charge in December.
Shaw possibly left the club and took all his shelves with him along with his Roy Chubby Brown hat.
It was rumoured that Karen Silk would replace Sha and now become MD. (Instead, as it transpired, she was actually working her notice period.)

Posted Image 

Karen Silk: “Thanks Derek, thanks a lot”**
(**she may well have said, if that was her new desk and there were no shelves or files. Of course that isn’t really Karen, silly, that isn’t her desk and Rovers are literally awash with shelves, racking, files and all manner of really great stationary and storage products). 
Later on this day Rovers issued a statement on its website to “quash rumours”, stating that Derek Shaw was still very much part of the club and was still the MD. It was fair to assume then that this immediately threw into even further doubt the validity of the above photograph. Yet, unsurprisingly, it remains in this review in the hope of obtaining a cheap laugh.
Saturday 6 April – Sheffield Wednesday 3 Rovers 2 (Johnson x2, Lita (Pen) - Rhodes / Dunn)
Rovers took the lead, they equalised, they took the lead, Rovers equalised, they took the lead, Rovers didn’t equalise. End.
There. How’s that for a match report?
It wasn’t very good by all accounts. Yet again there was a lack of passion and determination from our highly paid players. Dunny was mentioned in despatches again but they all needed to be fighting by this stage of the season.
Bowyer was now threatening to show the players the league table! That’s how serious it had become. Whether Bowyer went through with his threat is anyone’s guess but if any of the players had taken a look after the game they would have seen that we were in the bottom three for the first time this season.
Actually the bottom three of this division for the first time since 1991. Way to go Venky’s! Way to go Shebby Singh! Way to go Paul Agnew! Way to go Derek Shaw! Still, a lot of what they do is very good someone once said.
Monday 8th April – Well if the circus won’t go to the clowns then the clowns must go to the circus. Something like that anyway.
Singh (already there), Shagnew and the unfortunate Bowyer, were instructed to go to Pune, India to see Desai. A woman who rules with an iron fist, a woman who knows nothing about football (but can probably teach Singh a thing or to) and a woman who seemingly surrounds herself with imbeciles.
What would happen in this meeting of minds? This global power house of football knowledge? These guardians of Blackburn Rovers Football Club? These bastions (I did say bastions, didn’t I?) of forward thinking and progressive “transition”?
Well, no one knows. I think there was some pulling of hair and one of them got a Chinese burn, Derek’s glasses might have been knocked off at one stage and someone pulled someone else’s jumper. Ultimately, though, it was no one’s fault. Everyone probably just blamed each other and that was it. Although what they were at fault for, again, no one knows. Possibly the dire league position and the loss of millions of pounds? Anyway, it can’t have been that bad as they all kept their jobs.
Genius, utter genius. Gary Bowyer taken out of the country, leaving a guy (no disrespect to Terry McPhillips) who was looking after the U18’s a few months
ago, to get the team ready for two massive home games.
Wednesday 10th April – Hot on the heels of Shelfclown issuing a statement that none of this was to do with him, the odious Singh did the same. This in response to the Daily Mail article that was issued the previous evening.
Let’s play a game. Do you recognise any of the five footballers that follow the picture of Singh, doing his best David Brent, in the horror story below?
One? Maybe two? Well every credit to you. Any more than that and you’re probably their agent and loaded.
Guess what? They cost us £656,000 in Agents fees! And they’ve started five games. Now that’s not very good is it? Still, never mind. Oh and there’s their wages to consider on top of that as well, and where they get paid.
However, just think, that £656,000 could pay Dixon Etuhu’s wages for 21 weeks.
What was truly frightening though, other than the picture in that article of Steve Kean poking himself in the eye just for kicks, was this statistic:
Sportsmail’s investigation has discovered that Blackburn, who could end up in League One next season, are burdened with a group of 13 players whose
combined wages and agents’ fees will cost the club £30million over the length of their contracts”.

Well done everybody. Ever thought of buying Microsoft Excel? It may help.
Meanwhile, Agnew locked himself away for some frantic private cackling, and (much like his input into anything constructive at BRFC) went almost completely unnoticed.

Posted Image

Question: What do you get if you merge these two together?
 Friday 12th April: Paul Agnew, all cackled out, was interviewed in the Lancashire Telegraph by new Rovers reporter Chris Flanagan.
There were too many gems to be honest and you do all have lives to lead so I’ll not quote them all. However, “A lot of what we do is very good” – Really?!? Do elaborate please, Paul.
“Rovers can still move forward” – just about, but not very quickly – case in point being Danny Murphy.
Meanwhile, elsewhere in the paper there was something or other about “FFP”, whatever the hell that is, and that relegation would probably be the end of Rovers. Anyway, let’s not worry too much about that. Paul Agnew wasn’t:
“Could the club cope financially if it went into League One?”
“We just need to concentrate on the six games, that’s hypothetical.”  Well that’s my mind put to rest. Thanks.

Posted Image
Answer: “You know Chris, running Blackburn Rovers is very much like er, erm, er …. it’s all hypothetical”
Saturday 13th April – What’s this then? A football match? Do we really still need to do these? Surely there are more important things at Blackburn Rovers Football Club than the football team and football matches?
Blackburn Rovers 2 Derby County 0 (Rhodes Pen / Dann)
You know what? We did OK here. We won! We flaming needed to. All the others in the division did as well. All of them. Every single one, apart from Derby. We were out of the bottom three again. Thank Heavens for that.
Jordan Rhodes scored a penalty early on to ease the nerves a tad and then Scott Dann added a second just before half time. Derby were poor I thought. But then most of the teams have been poor in this division if you ask me. Which, admittedly, you weren’t.
Monday 21st April - OK. That’s round about the middle of the review. How you coping so far? What have they done to our club?
I was going to post a link to Alan Shearer scoring goals for fun for Rovers at this point. I just can’t do it. It broke my heart. I’ll spare you. However, if you go to YouTube and type in “Alan Shearer at Blackburn” you can see it.
Tuesday 16th April – Rovers 1 Huddersfield Town 0 (Rhodes)
Ah yes, back to back wins and clean sheets! And what was this? We actually played well in parts! High marks to Williamson, his best game yet for us and also Todd Cane, full of attacking endeavour (I’ve always wanted to get that in, bit of a footballing cliché that).
There was also a rare appearance of the French Viking Warrior God bloke who goes by the name of Gael Givet. He was immaculate, full of defensive endeavour (doesn’t quite work that, does it?).
Go on then? Where has he been? Why hasn’t he been playing? Has everyone at the club forgotten that this man can play left back? We’ve been playing a 7 stone 11 year old the last few games there for Heaven’s sake!
Anyway, it was good stuff and of course Rhodes scored when he wanted to, showing his predatory endeavour (crap this now) and getting on the end of a Dann head down from a corner.
A thoroughly deserved win. Confidence was up. We were now 19th, 2 points above the drop zone with a superior goal difference.
Wednesday 17th April – Oh, give me strength. Where to comment on this nonsense? The Henning Berg contract thing? Was Shelf bloke under investigation by the club? Well not according to a statement issued on the club’s website he wasn’t, remember? It was business as usual. Then they go to court to settle the claim and yes, it’s revealed he is under investigation.
Case adjourned until the 29th. The Judge was completely dismayed. He wants to try being a fan of the club; we practically define the word “dismay”.
We look an absolute shambles of a football club, again. Mainly because we are. Letters / emails from Desai to Shaw were published by BRAG that illustrated that there is a real problem with the senior management not being able to differentiate one’s elbow from one’s arse.
The absolutely freaking hideous idiots. Sell up you fools.
Saturday 20th April – Watford 4 Rovers 0 (Abdi, Deeney x2, Briggs)
In a tight game it was hard to see where a goal was coming from. Rovers did well in containing a tricky Watford team who were pushing for automatic promotion.
Then the second half started.
Still, not to worry. It was only four goals. Our superior goal difference had more of less evaporated. No pressure. Don’t worry about this relegation thing. It was bound to go away all by itself.
Monday 22nd April – Round about now Shebby Singh saw fit to open his bowels in The Press.
With Rovers’ future hanging by a thread what the club really needed at this point was one of its senior figures (*shakes head / cries*) spouting self-indulgent
nonsense to anyone who would listen.
“We find ourselves in a situation that we are fighting to stay in the Championship and I would not like to say anything to disrupt that”. Well shut up then.
“There are people over there who would not be able to run a bar, and they think they can run a club so I wouldn’t pay any attention or waste my time on them.”  
This is Shebby Singh, Blackburn Rovers’ Global Advisor, who can’t even arrange a visa to be in the country for the end of the season and attend a court case, which the club lost, and at which he should have been a key witness. His stunning hypocrisy is quite simply beyond belief and an insult to all human life.
You can read more here...
And this was very good…
For no reason whatsoever, other than it might just calm you down a bit after reading the above, here’s a clip of a man playing a bass guitar. Go on turn it right up…

Tuesday 23rd April – Millwall 1 Rovers 2 (Osbourne – OG, Rhodes (Pen))
Anyway, it was away from the Shebby Singh ego-show and back to the cursed football. This really was it now. This was our game in hand, a defeat would not have been good to say the least. You know what though, of course you do, they only went and won.
One nil down at half time. It was the end of the world. The players had bottled it, they probably weren’t bothered. Spineless.
Then Own Goal cropped up (how important was this goal?) and scored from a Jones corner. Great stuff. Rovers were on top and were playing some good stuff it said as I followed the game on Twitter. “Penalty to Rovers!” Oh God. Don’t miss Jordan! Fortunately he wanted to score, so he did. 2-1 Rovers.
Eight minutes of injury time, Dunny was stretchered off, ending his season. Still Rovers hung on. The inevitable late opposition goal for once never happened.
Surely we were safe now? They think it’s all over…
Saturday 27th April – Rovers 1 Palace 1 (Rhodes – Dobbie)
Now it is. Palace took the lead on the 30 minute mark when a big gap opened in the heart of our defence, a plane must have flown over or something distracting our defenders. Jordan Rhodes equalised on the stroke of half time with a very well taken lob over the keeper. Ice in his veins that lad. He really should get that looked at in the summer, though. It can’t be healthy.
Only a 14 goal drubbing at Birmingham would see Rovers relegated now, and even then other results would need to go against us, Ste would buy some chips at half time and some planets would need to align.
The odds were just under 1000-1 (100,000-1 with the chips). I’m sure some people in Malaysia and India were scratching their chins thinking about those odds.
Monday 29th April – Back to the High Court.
Obviously, Rovers were told to pay up Berg’s contract. Pretending to be a bit thick and naïve unfortunately doesn’t cut it in a court of law – but is welcomed with open arms by the FA, Premier League and Football League, obviously. Oh and the Walker Trust.
“Out of Control” was the club’s defence, ironically. Just as it was for 99% of the time Steve Kean was manager.
Their barrister, Neil Berragan QC, effectively conceded that the owners are powerless to stop Shaw running their club or suspend him until they have completed a disciplinary investigation into his conduct.”
‘There is a shambles at the heart of the club. The owners, based abroad, are in direct conflict with a managing director who is in de facto control of the club and who continues to act without authority and in his self interest,’ he said. ‘The owners are seeking to exercise control but are being frustrated in doing so.’
Shaw is acting without authority and in his own self-interest? Hmmm. Let me see. Maybe they should sack him then? Failure to do so, or even ponder the decision, which of course they are doing, only points to the bleeding obvious (see final paragraph). Paul Hunt was sacked quickly enough when he upset the apple cart wasn’t he?
How very strange.
Friday 3rd May – The Lancashire Telegraph advertising hoardings proclaim “Rovers to bring in new chief”. This was probably a typo on their part and a new head cook will be brought in at some point who will also be told to run the entire football club.
Saturday 4th May – Birmingham City 1 Rovers 1
Rhodes scored. As he does. When he wants. Which is quite often and is just as well really.
We finished in 17th place, Four points above the relegation places in the end. Ten points outside the play offs. And that, as they say, was that.
What next then? Well anything could happen with these buffoons running / ruining the club. Let’s hope we still have one to support next season. Read the below, if you haven’t already. I don’t think those who “run” the game would give a damn either way…

Overall season summary: Very poor, very poor indeed.
Men of the season: Jordan Rhodes and Gary Bowyer.
Goal / Celebration of the Season: Dunny v that lot.
A Good Thing That You May Have Already Forgotten Award: Jordan Rhodes equalling the club record for scoring in consecutive league games.
Idiots of the season: Venky’s, Singh, Agnew, Shaw.
The Contract Negotiation / Taking Candy From A Baby Award: Henning Berg’s representatives.
The Vince Grella Hiding Award: Dixon Etuhu
The Nick Clegg “What Does He Actually Do?!?” Award: Paul Aginew
The Daily Mirror’s Brian Reade Manager of The Year / Man Of Dignity - Yet Strangely Still Out of Work for Some Reason or Other Award: Steve Kean
The Weakest Contractual Excuse for Not Playing One of Our Better Players Award: Martin Olsson’s poorly eye.
For Quite Spectacularly Putting Your Foot In It EVERY Single Time Without Fail Someone Sticks a Microphone Under Your ‘Tache Award: Shebby
The We Have Nothing To Do With Any Of This Whatsoever I Don’t Know Why You Keep Asking Me About It But My Name Keeps Cropping Up Award:  Yes, well, like I’m going to name names – but EVERYONE knows, you know.

Click here to view the article

Source: New Article -> April to Season End Review

From: Blackburn Rovers vs. Blackpool

Posted by Glenn, 25 March 2013 - - - - - - · 766 views

Blackburn Rovers vs. Blackpool Preview
Opening Remarks
Where to begin? Another crazy week in the life of a Rovers fan has come to an end.
Last minute derby day euphoria, managerial changes, potential takeovers, players injured, the future outlook looking even more bleak, all in a weeks work for those in power at Ewood, and another week where Roverites are left scratching their heads, and questioning why on earth it is that we 'keep the faith'.
I had grand plans for this preview, Ince vs. Appleton, the ex-Rovers manager vs. the ex-Tangerines manager, two local clubs, who after years apart, had played a couple of cracking matches against each other in the Premier League and that a friendly rivalry was building up to a crucial match for both teams who are flirting with relegation despite being the early favourites and early pace setters in the npower Championship this season.
But then Tuesday happened, and once again I'm fighting to pick my self up off the floor and get enthusiastic about yet another game with more disruptions, more protests and more bad press and national humiliation.
Do we care? Of course we do, but for pushing two and a half years now we've been taken for granted, treat with disdain and been left to front up to the problems that are out of our control. Ironically if we were the animals were portrayed to be, the RSPCA would have been called in due to inhumane treatment!
Where will we be a week from now? My guesses in order of likelyhood;
The caretaker Gary ''Tony Parkes Mk2'' Bowyer will be in charge.
Shebby will be back in the limelight, whilst maintaining his shrinking violet act.
The Rao family will be thousands of miles away from Ewood doing what they usually do, I think that involves partying with Akon and Ronaldinho.
Protests and Boycotts will dominate the pre-match build up with our 100 independent supporters groups all claiming the moral high ground.
Murphy will ease back into his centre midfield 'deck chair' role
Etuhu will return to the bench
Dunny will be 'rested'
Judan Ali will be grabbing headlines
Jerome will be conning someone out of some money
It'll be bloody freezing for an Easter bank holiday, and,
The sun will rise in the East
The game itself has and will take a back seat, which is a real shame, and probably half the reason why we are where we are. Blackpool are on a sticky run themselves, Holloway, Thompson, Appleton, Thompson again and now Ince are trying to steady the ship at the seaside.
For the purists
Blackpool FC Factfile

Full Name – Blackpool Football Club

Nicknames – Tangerines, Seasiders, Pool (you may also see our less PC board members refer to them as the Donkeylashers or simply Lashers) 

Founded – 1887

Ground – Bloomfield Road, capacity 17, 338

All time team – Farm, Armfield, H.Johnston, Gratrix, G.James, Matthews, Hutchinson, Green, Suddick, Mortensen, Mudie
Honours – 1 2nd Division League title, 1 FA Cup, 1 Anglo-Italian Cup, 4 Playoff victories, 3 Automatic promotions.
Songs/Chants - 'Glad All Over' by Dave Clark Five and 'Sea, Sea, Seasiders'. 

The History - Memorable games at Ewood vs. Blackpool

19/03/2011 Blackburn Rovers 2-2 Blackpool (Junior Hoilett’s last minute header rescued a vital point for Rovers, who trailed 0-2 at HT)

09/02/1980 Blackburn Rovers 2-0 Blackpool (Last meeting in the old Division 3, now League 1)
29/03/1937 Blackburn Rovers 2-0 Blackpool (Last time to teams played on 29th March also in the 2nd tier)

02/01/1933 Blackburn Rovers 6-5 Blackpool (11 goal inter-war years thriller!)

06/09/1930 Blackburn Rovers 5-0 Blackpool (Biggest ever league win over Blackpool)
Overall Record at Ewood

Blackburn 10 wins – Blackpool 5 wins – 7 Draws – Rovers 43 goals – Blackpool 28 goals
Interestingly, Rovers have only won twice (competitive matches) at Bloomfield Road in the club's history!
Rovers/Blackpool lineup
(**missing a Goalkeeper**),  Grayson, Hendry, Herbert Jones, A.Wright, Ainscow, B.Ferguson, J.Douglas, Beattie, DJ Campbell, Pickering
Subs - Burgess, Blackman, Broomes, Danns, Warhurst, Fenton, Coughlin
Managers - Allardyce, Parkes, Appleton, Ince
More to come....

Source: Blackburn Rovers vs. Blackpool

From: Preview of Burnley game. [H] 17th March.

Posted by Glenn, 17 March 2013 - - - - - - · 536 views

I realise you'd all love to believe I'm sat in a darkened room, bottle of pills and razor blade in hand, I'm not.

It was disappointing to 'lose' like that but it's football it happens. You may ask how can I be so philosophical about it, we'll let me tell you. Firstly it isn't as though we aren't used to it is it? But the biggest single thing that makes it so easy to be relaxed about it is the fact that you are so massively relieved to have stabbed 2 draws in games, both of which, if you are honest, you all know you should have lost. It highlights so vividly just how far you've fallen under the new owners.

In the end it is a point towards our survival, we probably need one more win so we should be ok - to the clown who says we are going down, you do know you are still 3 points behind us, game in hand or not? Of we are at risk then you are even more so.

As for those claiming the ref gave us all the decisions? Dunn possibly a yard offside, Hanley not given his second yellow etc etc. as usual both fans feel aggrieved by the ref, it is ever thus. Little doubt that our dozy left back jumping into silly tackles, when already booked, cost us the game. I could understand it if he was taking one for the team, stopping somebody running through on goal etc but it was in a nothing area really.

Oh well, assuming we both do survive then we get another 2 chances next season but I do feel this was year to do it.

Source: Preview of Burnley game. [H] 17th March.

From: Rovers Trust Elections

Posted by Tom, 15 March 2013 - - - - - - · 524 views

Rovers Trust is pleased to announce the start of the process to elect a Board from amongst its members to take the Trust further.
Any member can stand for election - nominations must be in by 31st March. We will be electing two Co-Chairs and six Board members. The election will take place under model rules prepared by Supporters Direct, the Government sponsored body charged with developing supporters trusts and increasing fan involvement in sporting clubs.
Any current Trust member over 18 or anyone who joins the Trust before 31st March will have a vote in the election. You will be able to vote electronically, by post or in person at an EGM in early June, when the election will be finalised.
This is a link to the press release -http://www.roverstru...-fans-top-team/
From here you will also find links to the full election rules.
I can answer any questions either posted here or via a pm.

Source: Rovers Trust Elections

From: Preview of Burnley game. [H] 17th March.

Posted by Glenn, 14 March 2013 - - - - - - · 512 views

Reading this board is like reading ours. Negative, dimwitted tactics, hoofball, lethal striker left to rot, fans past caring...
It's been rebranded 'El Crapico' on the Dingle forum. I'd put everything on a 0-0, with over-excited police outnumbering apathetic fans.
Just as a side note, if we do finally win, your '34 years' will immediately become our '3 years', using the same calculating method I guess. All very hypothetical right now seeing as how scoring goals is way down Dyche's list of priorities.

Source: Preview of Burnley game. [H] 17th March.

From: Millwall [H]; 13/3/2013. F.A. Cup Quarter-Final Replay

Posted by Glenn, 14 March 2013 - - - - - - · 418 views

I'm not directing the blame at the supporters for how the team played or for the management over the club, both of those topics have and will be covered ad nauseum, but this needs to be spoken about. We just had 10k show up for a winnable quarterfinal. You can say what you want about reasons for walking away, there are many legitimate ones, but if you do care about the club and want it to exist then you have to take a seriously look at how stayaways might impact the future.

Eddie, the situation is crystal clear.  While the Indians own the club and continue to destroy it the fans won't return.  Venkys will never be accepted by the people of Blackburn and if they attempt to recoup their losses by putting prices up next season then 10,000 will seem like a huge gate.  Personally, I see no end to this spiral of decline until the Indian mob sell up and leave.
Tonight was the worst I have felt as a Rovers supporter in over half a century.  We were discussing after the match that we were poor in the early 70s in the Third Division but at least the players, although not very good, put some effort into the game.  Perhaps the fact that they lived locally and often mixed with fans had something to do with it.  Apart from Dunny how many of these overpaid prima donnas really care about the club?  After this game they will have got into their expensive cars and driven home to their fancy houses in Cheshire and the fat pay cheque will arrive at the end of the month win, lose or draw.
The only crumb of comfort is that we won't have to put up with the sight of Desai, the brothers Grimm and Shebby lording it around Wembley.

Source: Millwall [H]; 13/3/2013. F.A. Cup Quarter-Final Replay


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