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Rovers Dutch Trip

Posted by Ozz in WIDBIF, 23 November 2013 - - - - - - · 617 views
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Rovers Dutch Trip Early in the morning of November 23rd 2006 I woke up from a short nights sleep on a boat. (I was still on the boat.) I had woke up on a boat before, but not from a pre planned lying down sleep in bed thing, more from passing out on boozy trips to the Isle Of Man and the Dover to Calais ferry.
The first thoughts that entered my head included where am I, how are England going on in Australia and where was my phone. The ship (boat?) was still moving, so I guessed I was somewhere off the coast of Holland. My phone was in my jeans pocket, but on checking the screen it was no use as there was no service in this particular section of the North Sea-a bit difficult to erect one of them masts that look like a giant ear bud in hundreds of feet of icy water I suppose. I needed my phone for First Ashes Test text updates from mates in the UK, and also for any news on my brother, who earlier that summer been diagnosed with what ended up being terminal cancer. So my room mate (Chris, my step Dad) and I quickly got dressed, and headed for the main bar area of the ship, where we had spent the whole of the night before drinking in what felt like a floating version of the bowling alley place at that  Middlebrook in Horwich .
The bars empty stage now had a large projection screen hanging down in it, and a very sketchy TV signal was trying to show Sky News. The cricket score began to become obvious, despite the lack of an actual scorecard, from the body language of the interviewees of each side, which revealed (yet) another great day for the Aussies. Then as the boat rumbled into The Hook Of Holland, the picture got better and suddenly a rash of text messages dropped into my phone as we pierced the first reception bubble of continental Europe.
Sure enough England were getting paggered-it was the day of Harmisons Über wide opening delivery. They were 300 odd for about 1 wicket. Bad start to what we hoped would be a Sporting Weekus Mirabilis.  Through the windows (portholes?) of the boat, the stark industrial landscape of endless quays, lit by an eerie mixture of the weak dawn sunlight, neon lighting and general air pollutants, passed by slowly. A proliferation of mini wind farms, those stunning modern windmills (this was Holland remember) broke up the endless multi coloured range of containers , occasionally interspersed with a refining plants burn-off rig shooting flames into the sky, reminding me of something from  Bladerunner. After what seemed an age, we got into dock and disembarked.
A short bus ride into Rotterdam itself followed and within an hour we were both in a café in the city centre drinking coffee and eating Danish (pastries, not bacon or actual people from Denmark).  The usual hotel checking in followed, then back into the bars for a day of it before the challenge of getting to De Kuip for the game itself that evening-a challenge we both were silently concerned about, given the reputation of the Dutch fans and their reported general lack of handing warm welcomes out. Their next game in the group at Nancy saw the Feyenoord Ultras try to demolish the French town and go bananas inside the stadium-live on Channel 5!
We took it easy for an hour or three until we ended up at Oude Haven-The Old Harbour where the UK police had said to gather around at 5pm so they could lay on free bus trips straight to the ground. I think it was this trip were my liking for strong continental beer began.-Chimay, Leffe, Maredsous-All between 6% and 8.5%. They served it in small glasses, very wise. At around half three we were getting hungry, so decided to go and find somewhere to eat. Not far away we discovered an Asian restaurant which was open and happy to have our Euros. We were the only ones in, and I remember feeling a little paranoid, but when we ordered the 26 course banquet for two the atmosphere lightened considerably. The two owners, who really would have not looked out of place in an episode of Eurotrash, were all over us, and even brought out their mother and introduced us to her. Handshakes, hugs all round. The meal, as I recall was interesting, tasty and naturally left us both feeling well fed-like a Turkey might do around December 23rd ish.
We then headed back to the Old Harbour for our free trip to ground, only to find when we got back there that minutes after we left in search of grub, the police had locked it down and allowed nobody in or out. Anxious to not have to make our own way through the now dark streets of Rotterdam I managed to negotiate our way into the Rovers enclave with the (stereo) typically chilled Dutch police guys present there.
After more 10% beer, we eventually board the buses to the ground. The bus was packed with just Rovers fans, many of whom had clearly not been able to ration their intake of mega strong beer, and there were sparks of conflict between various members of the bus group. How ironic that the first sign of trouble on the trip was coming from Rovers fans. However, that situation resolved itself soon enough as the buses arrived at the stadium.
As we disembarked from the bus, for the first time I noticed a very heavy police presence. They told us to head straight from the bus to the gate at the turnstiles around 30 yards away along the side of a large metal fence. After two steps I saw a bottle fly past my head, from the other side of the fence, followed by several more, including other unidentified flying objects. The swift walk immediately turned into a full on sprint, hands over my head in what would have been a vain attempt to shield myself from the missiles raining down on the Rovers fans. I got to the turnstile, handed my ticket to the lad working the gate and mentioned the `Warm Welcome` I had just received. He said `You should be glad youre not German. They  f u c k i n g  HATE the Germans!`  I was indeed thankful I was not a German.
Inside the stadium, alive and in one piece I was suddenly amazed at how many Rovers fans there were. And how many of them I knew too. The vast majority had decamped in Amsterdam, and traveled in on the train for the game. As I surveyed the scene, I noticed  that they appeared to be selling beer! Quickly I queued up and got a drink or two, then suddenly realised it was some sort of low alcohol beer or shandy-to be honest though anything less than 6% by this stage would have tasted like water really. UEFA rules apply even in Holland it seemed, so no booze inside ground on a match night.
We went upto our seats fairly early, to savour the atmosphere. We were middle tier, slightly to the left of centre looking out at the pitch. As kick off time approached there was clearly an issue with getting everyone in and sat down-the lowest section closest to the pitch, was temporary seating on scaffolding, it looked very wobbly and unsafe, and a late influx of fans sitting anywhere and everywhere meant chaos. I really feared for the people who were down the front as crushes were developing and tempers fraying, again. But somehow, as it always seems to do in the end, it resolved it self without any notable disaster and issue and teams came out. A superb explosion of sound, fireworks, tickertapes and singing greeting the players made it a tremendous atmosphere. Certainly a million miles better than any European night I had been to at Ewood. And in fairness the away followers were tremendous throughout the ninety minutes, giving the Rovers superb support. Then there was that song. Der der der der der der der der der der der der Feyenoord, Feyenoord! A cheesy Euro Pop song that was apparently the clubs official tune, which was quickly and predictably stolen by us and changed to end with Rovers, Rovers. Everyone seemed to think it was great at the time, but then everyone there was either very  p i s s e d , very stoned or both.
The game itself was tight, limited in goalmouth action and generally a little bit of a let down in the end. I think Shabani Nonda missed a couple, and they could have had a penalty when Emerton took someone out in the box. I do recall Royston Drenthe standing out for them, and was not surprised when he later went to Real Madrid. At the end, the players all came over and were clearly appreciative of our efforts, and the numbers there-I believe there were 2,800 of us. We were kept in for an absolute age after the game, which was probably for the best really, and it meant we got to sing that song again, and again, and again. We even got to see the players warm down on the pitch, and again they clapped our efforts. The 0-0 draw meant we had won the group, and were through to the last 32 in the UEFA Cup knockout stages in the New Year. Rovers in Europe after Christmas, heady days!

So after the game we got a taxi back into the city, a few quiet drinks and absolutely no trouble to be seen anywhere. We decided to go back to the hotel around 1am, thinking as it was a small , family run hotel it would be un-thoughtful of us to be coming in at all hours (how very British). But when we got back, the hotel bar was packed with drunk Dutch locals and they were going at it harder than us! Never the less, I was done, and went to the room to watch some free Euro porn on the cable TV till drifting off to sleep, dreaming of success in the Cricket and the possibility of a BIG team in the next round.


From: Season Tickets 2013/14

Posted by Glenn in Best of the BRFCS Forums, 05 July 2013 - - - - - - · 343 views

One word ruins your list ...VENKYSCUM
Gotta make my decision today on renewing . Still undecided .

You say that Abbs but I also think we're in a far better place approaching the new season than we were at the start of last. Mainly for the reasons Stuart lists but even though we must be losing money hand over fist, are Venky's servicing this? Maybe they actually are? Then again they might not be! But all I know is that the club keeps going somehow. I don't think anyone really knows. 
If they didn't care one iota would they have got us Cat1 status? Would they have paid for a new pitch? Would they have paid off Murphy, Gomes? Would they have allowed Bowyer to bring his own team of back room staff in and funded the wages of the new players? Would they really be letting Bowyer, on the face of it, just get on with it how he sees fit? Or would they have just walked away by now - leaving us with huge amounts of debt?
This is in no way a pro-Venky's post, they're minutes away from going straight back to square one at any one time. They have that in their locker, we all know that. I'm just putting it out there that maybe, just maybe, it really has all been down to never been seen before levels of idiocy on their part and the fact that they have been completely and utterly fleeced by placing their trust in the totally wrong people (we know who they are). It's one massive corner they need to turn (I said the other day on here that I reckon it could take up to five years to put things right) but maybe they are going in the right direction? Got to be careful here, I'm well aware that they could cock it all up by the time I've finished typing.
They do need to get rid of Shaw by the way. Useless.
Anyway, I reckon you should renew Abbey, if only so you can go with your lad. You did it last season - this one for me is at least shaping up a little better in terms of having a plan and a strategy on the football side and although they haven't splashed the cash in terms of transfer fees they do appear to be allowing Bowyer to bring players in with points to prove and hopefully a desire to do well - which is what we all want to see.

Source: Season Tickets 2013/14

From: December Review

Posted by bob fleming in Bob Flemming's monthly reviews, 01 January 2013 - - - - - - · 375 views

I like laugh, I like a joke,
It's not my fault if my sense of humour broke.
On Parole 
Yes, yet another blog thing! Only this one brings you Motorhead lyrics. You lucky lucky people. You don't get this in the Lancs Telegraph.
December. Three birthdays and Christmas. A magical month, a month where money disappears as quickly as it was earned and untold joy is brought to shopkeepers up and down the land.
Still its worth it on Christmas morning, Ive been told, just to see their little faces, eyes agog in astonishment, as they wonder why Dad cant focus and his face needs ironing after another Christmas Eve spent at home drinking too much.
However its not all joyous good fun is it? Oh no. Not when your football club is run by people who clearly dont have anyones best interests at heart other than their own.
Im sure were all sick to the back teeth of the goings on at the club. Its beyond laughable and yet that is my remit apparently. A light hearted look back on the previous month or something or other I seem to recall back in the depths of time. Apologies, Ive struggled this month to see the funny side.
A month when indecision and crass statements fly in the face of decisiveness. A month when the nearest thing we have to a Chairman goes on Radio Lancashire and laughs hysterically before answering questions with a stream of irrelevant nonsense. A month when back room staff changes are leaked to the Press and then put on hold and then made on Sky Sports News. A month when the still relatively new manager is asked to go on stage, don a Michael Jackson wig and perform a comedy dance routine.
Just when you thought it couldnt get any worse.
This is OUR club. How the clowns who purport to run it have the audacity to claim they have its best interests at heart is just nonsense. They should leave out of embarrassment and the owners should be ashamed to show their faces oh, hang on, well there you go then.
Its truly below contempt. If you cant make decisions that are for the betterment of Blackburn Rovers, if you are here to pick up a wage and here for your own self-serving needs then can I suggest that you leave now? You are not wanted. You are an embarrassment. You know who you are.
Sunday 2nd December - burnley Bs 1 Rovers 1
Well, I wont lie to you, I wasnt there. I was in Cardiff watching the rugby (Wales v Australia). Well, again, I wont lie to you, when I say watching the rugby I actually mean drinking over the entire weekend with four other Rovers fans, on a trip organised when we were, again, in the pits of despair as Kean-out was manager and the fixtures hadnt come out. Is that a good enough excuse? Possibly not, still what you gonna do about it? Im neither Welsh nor Australian but you can see what my mind-set was back in the summer (yes, set to alcohol).
Rovers took the lead through the clean cut, model of a Professional Footballer, Jordan Rhodes, who outwitted the claret defence by jumping and heading a shot past a helpless and hopeless goalkeeper whose name I honestly cant be bothered looking up. A thoroughly deserved lead and one for good in the battle against evil.
Vokes equalised in the 12 minute of added time when a high lofted ball was sent into our area, the referee clearly struggling to see for the myriad of fingers being waved around gave the goal, which was clearly punched into the back of the net. Blatant cheating as expected.
It was no more than we have come to suspect from our bitter neighbours and both families went wild with joy in the home ends.
Still 34 years and rising and a mighty relief for the pet shop owners of burnley town centre.
Thursday 6th December Rovers Accounts are released. Its all good news. £ 4.2m in profit! (Who are the Accountants? Blane, Brown & Dynamo?).
Phew, thats a relief. There was me thinking we are owned by imbeciles, who couldnt even sack an incompetent manager after two years of abject failure and multi million pound losses. Nothing to worry about here then. In Captain Shelf, Lord Footiball and Rear Admiral Horatio Shebbington of Singh we trust it is then.
I do hope theres a supporters organisation around to try and pick up the pieces should this all go tits up.
Friday 7th December - Rovers 1 (Joe King) Cardiff City 4 (Hudson, Bellamy, Mason, Kim Bo-Kyung)
In the first Friday night match since the last one, Rovers took on our friends from the Emerald Isle, that fair city of Cardiff aka The Redbirds and it all went pear-shaped.
They scored, we got one back in the second half. They scored again. Formica missed a sitter with the goal at his mercy, deciding instead to hit the crossbar rather than equalise, they scored twice late on. Thats it. Rovers got booed off.
Wednesday 12th December Shebby Singh went on Radio Lancashire and avoided answering any questions, apart from a No Comment (which was the clearest and most succinct answer he gave all night) when asked if there would be a back room shuffle before the weekend.
Rumours abounded, well, OK, Andy Cryer and Alan Nixon reported, that Eric Black, Ian Brunskill and Bobby Mimms would be leaving. This after decisive talks between the powerhouse Frantic Four Singh, Shelf, Aggers and Berg on Monday.
Thursday 13th December Prior to the match on the Saturday Blackpool asked that with precision and skill, fans must pass 3 footiballs from the penalty spot to the centre circle, with the aim of scoring the highest number of points after three shots....
Murphy and Etuhu were no longer expected to travel just in case they were asked to warm up at half time and get embroiled in this tricky task.
Saturday 15th December - Blackpool 2 Rovers 0
20 minutes a football match do not maketh. Blackpool took the lead, we gave up. Im loathe to pick out individuals (OK, thats clearly not true is it), I dont like singling players out, I should say (hmmm, OK), but why Etuhu decided to do his best Herold Goulon impression in this particular game is anyones guess. Actually thats a tad unfair on big Herold, at least hed be good in a fight although a tad slow of course. Kind of like Audley Harrison. Although hes probably a better boxer than Audley. Can Audley play midfield I wonder?
The fans werent happy. No change there then. But I mean really not happy. Seething I think is the word.
Concern regarding Rovers financial Accounts had been growing and in the second half it all became clear. Shebby Singh, as well as being at the very top of Malaysian football punditry and possessing the stupidest laugh on radio, also happens to be a Banker and the Rovers fans in the ground werent afraid to let everyone there know it.
Too many players didnt put a shift in. The midfield is simply pitiful and the defending was woeful. Oh and the strikers werent very good either. And there was only one substitution made.
Why? Youre not telling me that Bergs hands werent tied here. Well you can if you like but I simply dont believe it. The game needed changing round. Just who is making these decisions and why?
God help us.
Monday 17th December The Lancashire Telegraph reported that a new Assistant Manager would shortly be coming in, in former Villa Assistant Kevin McDonald. That never happened.
Tuesday 18th December Rumours and the awesome power of Twitter. Berg walks out. Oh no he didnt Oh yes etc (its that time of year).
Also on this day the Lancashire Telegraph reported that the decisive action that was agreed eight days ago had now been put on hold until January. With the team doing so well it was clearly vitally important that no changes were made.
Quite who made the decision to make no decision is anyones guess. However, decisive it was not. What it most certainly was though was typical of the way the club has been run for the last two years.
Wednesday 19th December The Daily Mail report that Berg walked out again, this time at the Rovers staff Christmas Party. Who can blame him? Dressing up and dancing like Michael Jackson might go down well at Fulham but here? In Blackburn, Lancashire? I dont think so. Whose idiotic idea was this then? You can probably guess, there are a number of idiots in the frame.
Thursday 20th December No one walked out.
However, the LT reported that Rovers will now listen to offers for ousted keeper Paul Robinson in January. Robbo lost his place to Jake K at Blackpool youll recall, as Berg is somewhat perturbed with the fact that he has started keeping goal in a yellow onesie. Not ideal.
In a clear message to the dwindling fan base Robbo has been told he can leave should an acceptable offer come in but the club havent completely written his Ewood Park career off.
Friday 21st December Robbo is ill.
Elsewhere as the club continued to pull together (but unfortunately in totally different directions) Singh continued to undermine Berg in this interview:
Highlights included a manager is available now who wasnt at the time of Hennings appointment and we have looked at him. Availability was the stumbling block. The manager in question was interested but was in a top job at the time. He is no longer in that post.
Saturday 22nd December Rovers P Brighton and Hove Albion P
Weve got to be happy with a P P at home in this weather and in this turmoil. It was something to build on. There were even more rumours (I cant be bothered about all that) as to why the game was called off. It did belt it down all morning and night. Simple as.
Wednesday December 26th Boro 1 Rovers 0
We werent that bad. We werent that good either. Again there was a lack of desire to work hard from certain individuals. I read somewhere that its important to work that little bit harder when not in possession than when you actually have the ball. Quite a few of these lads could do well to remember that.
There was also a lack of urgency after we conceded. Theres no-one in this team to get hold of a game by the scruff of the neck. Leaderless on the pitch and.
Thursday December 27th - Leaderless off it. 57 days, 10 games, 1 win, Henning Berg was sacked.
Berg didnt even get the chance to take us down and then resign. A complete change in policy then. A lot of that about this month. All the best Henning, youre better off out of it.
Eric Black, Bobby Mimms and Ian Brunskill were also laid off.
As youd expect these guys found out whilst watching Sky Sports News. Singh himself admitted he hadnt even spoken to Berg that day as he was no doubt really busy being a coward.

Way out, you're way out of line, No buddy I can't spare a dime,
Fade out, baby that's right, No bark and even less bite,
Your perfect smile, Betrays your lack of style.
Too bad, no magic, I'm afraid you're merely tragic
No Class 
Friday December 28th - And then it all went even sillier. I cant keep up with all this. Id have to type it all up as it happened, like the old BBC Vidiprinter.
Kevin MacDonald and Judan Ali (who?!?) were to be brought in as new first team coaches before a new manager was announced. Who? What? When? Why?!? How does that work then? Of course it could well be that they had no intention of bringing in a new manager and that Shebby may have fancied the job in all but name. Who knows?
Then Balaji Rao, one of our hands on owners, stated in the Indian Press that Eric Black would be managing the team at Barnsley. This despite the fact that Eric had been sacked 48 hours earlier.
Then the fall-out from the cancellation of the Brighton game and the state of the pitch continued as both Paul Agnew and Derek Shaw were both summoned to Pune to discuss moles and leaks. Venkys, clearly with their fingers on the pulse as we have to come to expect, may have been a bit confused here. No change there then.
Then reports that Judan Ali would be appointed were denied. He was merely here observing and finding out how its not done properly.
Saturday December 29th Barnsley 1 Rovers 3 (Dawson / Joe King, Rochina, Rhodes)
Reports circulated that Singh was now suing Derek Shaw for an article written in the Daily Mirror. Blackburn director calls for Shebby Singh to be sacked was the headline. Take a look
Elsewhere in the same article it was revealed that Rovers have had to pay £1.2m to Kean-Out in compensation for him being inept at his job. Still its only money. Theyll have probably had to pay Henning a similar amount. Nothing to worry about here, its just money.
Unfortunately a football match broke out in the afternoon and this diverted peoples attention away from the main actors in the play now called Blackburn Rovers Football Club.
Reserve team boss Gary Bowyer led the team along with youth boss Terry McPhilips and obviously they did very well. The only other senior member of staff left was the assistant reserve team manager, Colin Hendry. Singh stated that it was very much business as usual. Which I suppose it was really, yes. A kin farce.
We won! It was only a couple of days ago. Youll remember. More songs about the owners and Singh. The players to a man gave their shirts to the fans. Happy days for once.
Well a happy few hours, before Singh opened up the play again on 606. Stating that he would really like to be friends with Kevin MacDonald and Robbie Savage.  I honestly cant bring myself to listen to it all.
This is great. Shebby  -  http://themarpleleaf.blogspot.co.uk/
And thats it. December. Another insane month for Blackburn Rovers.
Oh but hang on, talking of the Vidiprinter. News just in Rovers owners voted the worst in the league. Nice work Venkys.
What next? Who is the experienced manager Singh has lined up? A total change in policy since Friday and yet come tomorrow this new manager will be in place? We shall see
By the way, Kevin MacDonald, although a good coach, isnt an experienced Manager. 12 games as a caretaker in 1994 and 2010 doesnt equate to being experienced. No one will be saying that about Henning after all.
All the best to you for 2013. Lets hope we get our wishes. A well run club, with management who are allowed to manage. A For Sale sign above Ewood Park wouldnt go amiss either. Oh and a push up the table would also be nice, I forgot about the football there for a minute.
December Summary:

Posted Image 
Played: 24
Goal Difference: -1
Points: 32
Position: 15th
Top Goalscorers:
Rhodes: lots

Source: December Review

Internet Rumours

Posted by AndyNeil in Fernhurst Rover, 18 December 2012 - - - - - - · 747 views

I've been struggling to think of a relevant subject for my first blog and today provided the ideal subject - that of internet rumours.  Ever since Blackburn Rovers got relegated from the Premier League barely a week goes by without the latest rumour surfacing from somebody who knows somebody, who delivers the milk to the man who cuts the grass for the man who is a steward in the car park on matchday - or some equivalent spurious link.
The rumour today was that Henning Berg had resigned after an alleged training ground bust up with Shebby Singh.  It started with a poster (poster A) stating on BRFCS "I have just been told Berg stormed out of training half way through the session this morning, had a shower then left.  Apparantly Shebby told Ian McDonald (who was observing the session) to leave and this angered berg who subsicuently left" which then lead to another modern day phenomena (the 'ITK' twitter account) stating that "according to info.....News from Ewood is that berg has offered his resignation.  Walked out of brockhall this morning."
The tweet from the 'ITK' was retweeted by 'poster A' and before long Rovers fans started picking it up and commenting on it.  Whoever fed the information to 'poster A' must have known that the information was incorrect - so the question is why?  Why are people feeding stories to others in the knowledge that the information is A, incorrect B, will spread like wildfire and C, cause more uncertainty for fans who have been already been enough since Venkys bought the club from the Walker Trust.
The answer probably lies within the walls of either Ewood Park or Brockhall and in my opinion centres around club politics.  Since when did the politics of a football club become more important than the fans or the football itself?

Through The Eye Of An Eagle- Intro

Posted by ewoodeagle in Through the eye of an Eagle, 16 September 2012 - - - - - - · 573 views


Welcome to my new blog right here on BRFCS firstly i would like to thank Glen and the BRFCS team for allowing to start viewing and broadcasting my views on this site.

some may already know me from twitter @theewoodeagle in which i try to express views and opinions although sometimes 140 characters is not enough :)

So why another blog and what will make mine so different?? I don;t know to be honest, hopefully lots. I want you to get involved as much as possible, view and attach your own comments and maybe email or PM me a topic to discuss and I'll make sure that I try and cover it fairly.

so here it goes through the eye of an eagle.

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