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April to Season End Review

May 05 2013 18:27 PM | bob fleming in Editorials

Right, this is it then. Seven games to go in this season end wrap up. Who’s up for this review gig next year then? I’ve done my bit.
The good news is that by the time you’ve read all this, and all the embedded links, it’ll be mid-August, which is probably when season tickets will go on sale.
First up...

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The Tyranny Of Ignorance

Apr 26 2013 06:43 AM | Guest in Editorials

Writer Dean Jones has agreed to let us publish an article of his on Shebby Singh. It is published to the front page here.   Excerpt below.    The controversial figure has been causing controversy once again this week, defending the club'...

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The Punatic Asylum Prevails

Mar 20 2013 12:48 PM | Kamy in Editorials

Kamy tries to make sense of the latest dismissal of a manager at Blackburn Rovers during the Venky's regime.

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The Last Vestige Of Hope

Dec 30 2012 11:51 AM | Eddie in Editorials

Assistant editor Eddie gives his view on the goings-on at Ewood in the aftermath of the sacking of Henning Berg.

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The Circus Continues

Dec 19 2012 14:03 PM | Kamy in Editorials

An exasperated Kamy calls for someone to get a grip on the farcical situation that the club finds itself embroiled in and bring an end to the circus at Ewood.

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Comment: Venky's Managerial Appoint...

Oct 28 2012 14:44 PM | Eddie in Editorials

Assistant editor Eddie passes comment on the farcical situation at Ewood ahead of the reportedly imminent appointment of a new manager.

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Chaos, Confusion And General Misman...

Jun 08 2012 14:35 PM | Kamy in Editorials

Chief reporter Kamy calls for decisive action to be taken to prevent the club from falling into oblivion out of neglect.

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Petition For The Removal Of Steve K...

May 15 2012 14:52 PM | Guest in Editorials

Sign the petition to remove Steve Kean from Blackburn Rovers.

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Petition For The Removal Of Steve Kean

May 12 2012 22:41 PM | Guest in Editorials

Part One of the petition to remove Steve Kean from Blackburn Rovers. Due to the staggering response by concerned Rovers fans, the petition has had to be carried over into another post here.

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BRFCS Support For Fabrice Muamba

Mar 20 2012 08:07 AM | BRFCS News in Editorials

BRFCS wishes Fabrice Muamba all the best for a full recovery.

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