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Televised Fixtures Announced

Jul 11 2011 10:29 AM | Kamy in TV News

Sky Sports have announced the first batch of fixtures to be televised live between August and November.

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Manchester United Game Date Changed

Feb 22 2010 08:59 AM | Kamy in TV News

Rovers have announced that the home game against Manchester United has moved from Saturday 10th April and will now be played as follows: Barclays Premier League Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United Sunday 11th April 2010 Kick-off 1.30pm Th...

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Rovers Matches Re-Arranged

Feb 15 2010 22:14 PM | Kamy in TV News

Due to Bolton Wanderers' FA Cup replay against Tottenham Hotspur, please be advised that Rovers' Barclays Premier League game, originally scheduled to take place on Monday 22nd February, will now be played as follows: Barclays Premier League Blac...

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