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  2. We're gonna smash 'em!!! For once Mercer's 5-0 prediction will come true as Rovers' are buoyed by the sheer volume of bullshit spouted at the supporters/club meeting. 5 year plan? Pfff!! Senior can do it in 10
  3. Pune was an odd experience in a Monsoon and Indian fans with 'EAN KOUT' signs. The toilets were an experience I would never want to revisit
  4. Give it a rest mate
  5. There's certainly going to be some bullscreet spouted there. At least they've acknowledged the real questions for once but unless there has been a hidden sea change behind the scenes it'll be difficult to swallow the answers without some hard evidence. Are there some new hidden investors now onboard and does Senior represent them ? There was a rumour a while back........
  6. You just get this feeling that when the @#/? hits the fan, the Brexit crew will blame remainers for causing it with their negativity. We should of course be positive about it and contribute to making it a success. Just like the hindenberg went up in flames because people who said pumping it full of hydrogen was a crap idea when of course they should have come up with with a way of making hydrogen safe for airships. When people are concerned about the lack of lifeboats on the titanic, they should've stopped moaning and got on with the job of fitting 1500 people into lifeboats meant for 500. Its all about taking back control and giving Parliament its sovereignty back by bullying MP's into voting for something they don't believe in. It's all about positive thinking and finding someone to blame when it all goes terribly wrong.
  7. Kenilworth Road i remember going through a back yard to get in.
  8. Looks like he was injured in the warm up.
  9. Sol campbell is quite an intelligent guy off the pitch. Had about 10 gcse's or something
  10. Went to the mestailla in valencia once. Huge ground but the seating was wooden and the floor in front of every seat was littered with newspaper. Really impressive looking down from so high up. This was 20 years ago. Might have changed by now so not sure
  11. Today
  12. @Litter_Patrol I'm not going bald, I've just grown taller than my hair.????

  13. according to livescore he is not playing tonight. Not even on bench. Probably injured or suspended.
  14. If it says "you have been banned by Mike E", I am obviously going to asume it was Mike E that banned me, and 'make it personal'. Maybe put something like "modding is a joint decision with only majority agreement (out of 4) leading to whatever sanction is imposed" instead? Sounds pretty cowardly from the other mods if you ask me.
  15. Belleruche - Anything You Want (Not That) Yep, got that. Thanks Tom. Go me, lol
  16. Type out Belleruche - Anything you want Then go to the button at the top for links, 5th button from the left before the quotations... click it and...have the URL link ready to paste and underline or highlight the text of the artist and song then past it into the popup box: Belleruche - Anything you want I hope that is understandable.
  17. Very interested in the answers to C(5 year plan), E and F. Plus the season ticket launch and Manager Q and A. I'm not attending the meeting but hope there is audio of this.
  18. Good memory Hasta! Mike E - Thanks for modding! Not an easy role, no time and what time you have is done for free. You can't get everything right all the time but I've always found you honest and fair in the 10 years posting on here.
  19. Global Warming is a "hoax created by China." Cretin.
  20. Wanted !!! Suhail Shaikh Alias Suhail Pasha Easily recognisable by his coat which has been traced to Cheetham Hill
  21. When they say invest what they really mean is they're going to buy up more high value properties in Central London.
  22. Thank you oldjamfan and Neal Weaver. You're probably guessing correctly Neal. Smart moves mean one thinks about retirement several years ahead. As for the national picture, yes, I agree it's possible, likely in fact, but I don't think to anything like the extent it will young people. I listened to my son last night, who works for an EU based company, reeling off the impact on trade in the UK and Europe for his business. 20% of staff being made redundant on Friday, UK sales at an all time low for the first quarter, ongoing full review of the company looking to divest and return to its core operations. This is just the little people, the ones who really feel it. Those who spout on about retaining control of borders, immigration and sovereignty while mouthing off about accepting democracy in action have no idea. They will when reality hits Blackburn, which it will.
  23. @AndyBayes @Tugay_Is_God Not as much as Coyle getting sacked

  24. Marvin Johnson continuing to impress, offering a remarkable threat from left back.

  25. None of this has anything to do with the clubs new social media partner. I'd jack it in as well Mike if I was having to put up with some of this. Jackn0ry probably got a D in GCSE computing and now thinks he's a member of Anonymous. Ive no problem with newbies or existing posters with other viewpoints than my own. What irks me is people who keep saying "more conspiracies, where's the proof" We had similar posters posting the same comments when it was rumoured that Jerome was controlling transfers, Steve Kean was unsackable, Nelson, Emerson and the other experienced players are being forced out etc.. which all subsequently were found to be true. However people seem to ignore these this nowadays and want to give a club that has had its own credibility laughed at by judges in court the benefit of the doubt.
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