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    As good a player as he was (and he was one of Rovers' all time best) his substitution routine was pure genius. Step 1 - Glance over to bench to get inkling he was coming off Step 2 - Decide to try something outrageous or overly skillful as a parting gift Step 3 - Drift over to the Riverside Stand Step 4 - Look at the fans in the Riverside as the board went up. Step 5 - Ignore the board Step 6 - Wait for prompting or the stadium announcer to call out ''Number 5......Tugay'' Step 7 - Look suprised Step 8 - Remove shinpads Step 9 - Loosen Socks Step 10 - Tuck shinpads into shorts Step 11 - Applaud the Riverside Stand Step 12 - Start the walk off Step 13 - Applaud the Darwen End Step 14 - Wait for the referee to come and tell you to hurry up Step 15 - Shake hands with the referee, tell him what a wonderful job he's doing/done Step 16 - Brisk walk or lazy jog for ten paces Step 17 - Applaud the Blackburn End Step 18 - Wait for ''Tugay you are my Turkish delight'' Step 19 - Kiss or pat badge on shirt Step 20 - Shake hands with the left back/left winger Step 21 - Shake hands with opposition right back as they come to tell you to hurry up Step 22 - Applaud Jack Walker Stand Step 23 - Final curtain call to all four sides Step 24 - Affectionate handshake and/or hug with player coming on Step 25 - Shake hands with manager Step 26 - Shake hands with all the coaching staff Step 27 - High Fives to fans sitting near the Rovers dugout Step 28 - High Five to fellow subs Step 29 - Final Wave Step 30 - Finally Sit Down
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    This is yet another thread that clearly highlights the divisiveness between the supporters and the club, that is all it does. BRFC has lost its place in the PL. It continues to lose on all fronts. BRFC has lost 10000 plus home supporters over 6 years - unprecedented anywhere else in football - even Coventry and Charlton haven't seen such a dwindling of home support. BRFC has lost its identity in football, is a laughing stock, a club of ridicule, a mockery of the club and its previous standing within football. BRFC continues to suffer, there are now more planned cutbacks, a once thriving and successful back room support network is suffering, the academy next? The facilities? The youth set up and scouting network? The FANS have lost faith, passion, hope, They are divided in opinion, they are fractious, nervous, unsure, YET, they still support the club in whatever way they want, be it attending, boycotting, from afar or on TV. Off field marketing is almost non existant, again poor management and a lack of understanding is probably to blame. The anonymous staff behind the walls of Ewood, the silence, the lack of communication, the lack of understanding the what a football club means to the community all adds up to the total inept incompetence of the day to day running of the football club. Venkys have lost untold millions in waste, bad advice, bad management, incompetence, frivolity or whichever other words you might deem appropriate. The word failure lies heavy on them alongside KEANSCUM, BERG, APPLETON and COYLE. I leave GB outside of that sentence because he did to some extent bring the club on an even keel. LAMBERT was lied to hence he walked. We then see SHAW, bless his cotton socks, the two PAULS, SINGH and now CHESTON playing at football senior management. all have been a total waste of space effort and money. I do believe that with the appointment of SENIOR that he is a much better operative than anyone since John Williams. I never understood the position of Alan MYERS but it is very clear his job was difficult and that he was peddled as a puppet by the owners. The club for some reason has been saddled with the cloud of total incompetence and we must ask WHY and by WHOM? It is very easy to see who has won out of the sorry state of Blackburn Rovers FC. The money that has bled from the club, the money that has followed the waste trail, the list of players paid huge amounts of cash for absolute nothing in return is totally shocking YET no one has ever been held to account for this. Best, Murphy and Etuhu (just 3 examples) have taken millions from the club yet have never for one moment earned it. Keanscum and his parasite mates have taken the club to the cleaners and back, lining their pockets with every single cent they cast their eyes on. There are so many others who have benefitted and they are all LINKED together by someone pulling the strings of a systematic raping of our famous club. The Walker Trust should hang their heads in total shame at their lack of action in this matter. As someone pointed out, they could have made millions more with the simple structured management that was in place before the sale of the club. I wonder how the individuals who made that decision are feeling now and I wonder if each and everyone of them think just how much they have let Jack Walker down, the supporters and people of Blackburn down but more importantly the very name of Blackburn Rovers FC and all that it stands for. So folks, no matter which way you feel, whatever your personal opinion, your alternative views, it doesn't matter. There has only been one set of winners in this sorry scenario. VENKYS haven't won anything apart from the disrespect of the clubs support and from those in the footballing world who actually do understand how we as fans have felt during this painful 6 yr tenure of utter incompetence and failure.
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    On the train home. Brilliant second half performance. Joao was phenomenal. Absolutely unplayable. Mahoney made a difference but the extra class of Joao turned the game around. Fulham showed in the first half that they can play but by the end we were the better team. Really impressed with the effort and application. Just a good night to be a Rovers fan.
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    I'm not going to lie, I really dislike threads like this. Have Venky's won? So some fans have actually managed to enjoy a couple of Rovers games and now we're discussing whether the owners have 'won'?? It just seems that it's almost a crime to enjoy anything to do with Rovers for fear of being branded a fair weather fan or Venkys sympathiser. I will not let Venky's take away one of the things that I care most about. I genuinely had a good time at Fulham on Tuesday and at its simplest, that it was football is about. I want Venky's out as much as anyone but why deprive ourselves of those rare moments that are actually worth enjoying? I hate what has happened to this club. We all do. But don't start circling the wagons just because some fans aren't quite as angry as you. People shouldn't have to justify why they turn up to games or enjoy good results.
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    A match preview based on memories. Skip back to 1979/80 season and the legendary Howard Kendall as Manager. I was working at Leyland Motors on the 400 Engine Assembly Line (Den will know it well) and we had been to the home FA Cup game v Fulham at Ewood on the Saturday where we drew 1-1 (Andy Crawford. 9,826). Four of us decided to do the replay at Fulham, this is when replays were held in the mid-week following the game rather than 10 or 11 days later. I skipped off work (and was formally disciplined on my return) and we drove to to West London. About 70/80 miles North of London it snowed heavliy. We just made it to Craven Cottage on time to find it had been called off even though by that time the pitch appeared perfectly playable to me and my 3 mates who by that time had got on the pitch for a kick about. Guess who stopped us.....Jimmy Hill!! Jimmy was a gent, he gave us 4 main stand tickets for the following nights rearranged game and tickets for the FFC supporters bar (bad bad move Jimmy!!). We bunked up at the friend of a friend who loaned us his one bed flat whilst the lucky sod shared a bed with the girl in the flat above, he even kept us awake with banging during our drunken stupor. Low and behold the three not driving went on the razz the following day. One who shall be nameless as he still goes in The Brown Cow punched out a light fitting in the underground car park and needed 8 stitches where the glass shards went into the back of his hand (he by the way only has a half ear on one side after it was bitten off at Stoke). We finally get to the ground, got chucked out of the the social club and later out of the main stand for swearing. We joined the Rovers contingent of about 20 Rovers fans to see Andy Crawford score the winner in front of 5,753. The moral of the story was to not travel with those 3 lunatics again, and to also tell the foreman I had flu rather than boasting to the lads on the assembly line about Crawford's goal. Jimmy Hill - what a star. I have always found Fulham to be a great ground with decent, knowledgable fans. I reckon a draw on Tuesday, heavy snow, and a complimentary ticket in the main stand (not). See you at the 8 Bells. I will be on public transport, not driving, with two intact ears.
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    We listened to Mowbray on the radio on the journey home and he explained his rationale in dropping Graham tonight. Basically he respects Derby and thought we would be pinned back a bit which would mean us counter attacking. He thought Gallagher and Emnes would be better at that than Graham. Whilst there is nothing revolutionary in that way of thinking, I can't remember Coyle ever offering any tactical nous like this at any point all season. I am really warming to Mowbray. His use of subs in both games has been much more intelligent than Coyle's. I thought the crowd carried the players through the last ten minutes. Absolutely vital that the players feel supported. You could see how much it meant at the end. Massive win!
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    You'd think they'd be fed up with Mickey Mouse owners.
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    Getting new wheels on the car at 8.30 in the morning but hoping to get across to this later in day and Thursday , Friday if it gets that far. Whatever is happening on the pitch , nothing has changed. Venkys are strangling the life out of this club and need to go for this club to have any real chance of surviving over the next few years. The cut backs are continuing , with big cuts at the Academy, more cuts on wage bill for next season as Cheston continues to cut the operating cost. Regarding information , trading information can be costly without bargaining chips, we don't exactly have a war chest, so I utilise the next best thing. Knowledge , and knowledge is certainly power when it comes to the clowns who have darkened ewood over the last 6 years .
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    Just to say I go to the ground tonight with more pride in my club than for a long time. Mowbray did not get my blood tingling when he first arrived but at least there is a feel of a proper football man in charge. Best of luck to the lads.
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    I do find it surprising to see the substitutions criticised, we made a double sub and put Emnes wide, he scores from that position, he then changes it to see the game out and we keep a clean sheet whilst the other sub Mahoney nearly gets a couple of goals. Seem almost perfect in terms of effect.
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    Preston have never liked us since the 1960s because they knew deep down that Bryan Douglas was better than Tom Finney.
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    JAL think about how this is coming across, earlier you referred to Paul Seniors wife as his bitch and then ask for a Portuguese player to be deported. Not great. I know you are frustrated with the state of the game and the club itself but let's try and keep a certain level of decency. Cheers
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    I think the exact opposite. We were comfortably in control before Mahoney came on. His and Gallachers performances contributed significantly to the defeat (yes, it still feels like one). We needed everyone to have at least a reasonable individual performance to control the game and to defeat a well organised play-off chasing side, which was happening before the subs. We really couldn't afford to drop the quality level and stay in control so we conceded possession and failed to defend from front to back, neither Joao nor Gallacher were able to hold the ball up a single time in the last 15 minutes, and Gallacher and Mahoney gave the ball away, failed to take relatively simple chances, conceded naive, needless fouls in dangerous areas, and showed a total lack of ability to control/shield/pass the ball in the way their team-mates had done for 65 minutes. The responsibility for this lies firmly with Mowbray. Both substitutions were, in my view, a risk and should have been made 10 minutes later. We had continually stretched Preston through intelligent possession and passing until the moment Bennett was withdrawn, and from that moment on we did not have a single minute of possession and were limited to the odd breakaway resulting in absolutely zero threat. It was a risk, a naive risk which wasn't worth taking. It returned Joao to looking like a talentless trier, which we we have all seen, given the right support, he is anything but. Mowbray had 10 minutes to see that the Mahoney switch had backfired but he still decided to bring on Gallacher, who in my opinion directly contributed to the gut-wrenching finale. Grayson couldn't believe his luck that Mowbray gifted Preston the tactical change which he had been unable to produce himself. We gave them the territorial advantage and 70% possession that allowed (the real...) Gallacher the freedom to run the game for the last 10 minutes and pick the (admittedly quality) pass to finally unlock our still leaky defence. I don't accept that Bennett and Emnes were on their last legs and I don't agree with Mowbray and bigdoggsteel that Gallacher and Mahoney were likely to perform as well or better than either of them. The game management improvement is needed by Mowbray, not just the players. He now knows we need to bring experience off the bench, not naivety. Feeney for Bennett would have worked if he was 100% sure that Bennett couldn't last 10 more minutes. Then possibly another sub in the last 5 minutes to shore up the defence. Yes, I know hindsight is wonderful but we hardly touched the ball in the last 15 after looking threatening for the previous hour, Preston were handed the point on a silver f***ing platter. 'That's why you're going down' was ringing in my ears all the way home, and I could only feel that Mowbray had surrendered......that's how low me, and I'm sure many others, were feeling for at least a couple of hours. I'm glad a few voices of reason on here have reminded us about the general quality of the performance and of our still reasonable chances of staying up but I worry about Mowbray's decision making after today. I hope he proves me wrong and continues to get the extra 20% out of the squad that he has done since his arrival. I'm still hurt by the result (as you can clearly see from the rant...), mainly because it was so clearly preventable....
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    I really struggle to understand some on here including you. "11 out of 21 isn't great". FFS, we had 29 points from 31 games under Coyle and that is where Mowbray started from. If someone had posted on here that under Mowbray, we would have been unbeaten in 7 and harvested 11 points from games including the likes of PNE, Fulham, Norwich and Derby then you would have been apoplectic. 11 points from 7 games over the course of a season would get us to 72 points and very close to top six. If we get 11 points from our last eight games, we will be safe. You really do spout some nonsense.
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    Some funny posts on their forums. This one in particular made me laugh: @#/? Plastics 1 Nobbers 3"who let the Bark out" who! who!just had a look on there forum...no mention of our game yet...arrogant @#/?.....notice a post from `preston` blue though......grrrrr hate them with a passion!......lets hope we help relegate them......oh HAPPY HAPPY days indeed COYW!!!! Their hatred for us reminds me a lot of Bolton, and just like Bolton, I couldn't really give two hoots about them.
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    Can't say I've been impressed with what I've seen of him but the guy scored two today, took his second really well. Too say that seems a bit strange too me. I know things are shocking at rovers at the moment but I can't remember the last time you posted on here which wasn't slagging the players off or slagging agents off. I mean Nyambe broke into the first team and immediately you brought up who his agent was and said he wasn't good enough without giving the boy a chance, you can't judge a young kid like that based on his agent, Nyambe has got a bit better with games, he's not there yet but the kid has potential. I know agents have played a part in the destruction of our club and that infuriates me but I get a bit fed up of seeing something negative every single time you post. I do post the odd negative rant myself but Why don't you just not bother coming on here if that's gunna be the case that EVERY time you post it's something like that? You might feel a bit less angry pal haha!
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    Well, I've joined up here on PK's recommendation since the club have managed to wreck the official boards just like everything else they manage to touch. A couple of mentions above which was nice to see, so thank you! Hopefully the conversation on here is more regular than over there towards the end. Such a shame really, Ive made a lot of real life friends through those boards, the away day trips I had 2006/2007/2008 and over to Europe are some of the best times I've had, so I'm thankful for them for that, but I dont buy for one second that its changing habits for people stop going there. For me it is a mix of overmoderation, a poisonous atmosphere during Keans time and general malaise towards the club in general that killed it. Add to that the fact the club never promoted the board and its no suprise it became a haunt of a core group of regulars often talking to themselves. That it ends so unceremoniously, and only noted because PK managed to get a reply from them (they didnt even bother to answer my email) just shows how much they could really give a crap. Personally I HATE facebook as a tool for communicating with other fans, theres no way of getting good regular debate going and no easy way to build up relationships with other regular posters, even the ones you disagree with! Anyway, glad to be here and I'll contribute when I can! Am I likely to get slaughtered if I post anything to defend Venkys in the future? LOL
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    Right after composing myself a bit: Steele - absolute clownshoes, can't kick, can't catch, can't control a box. Full backs - either could have been man of the match for me Centre halves - few shaky moments but an exceptional block from Mulgrew who is our classiest player by far Feeney - good running, iffy decision making at times, good performance Lowe - poor and panicked on the ball but a stunning block Guthrie - booked early on but put himself about till he tired Conway - poor balls from him, got into some good positions though and did what mattered when it mattered Gallagher - did brilliant to get in front of his man for the penalty, great workrate but was never scoring tonight Emnes - some good hold up play interlaced with bad decision making, should have scored. Bennett - was needed in the middle - good sub at a good time Mahoney - couldn't make an impact but did a mature job Tomlinson - helped see the game out - another really good substitution Enjoyed how angry Mowbray got at every poor decision we made, no pointless clapping on show! We got lucky a couple of times but maybe earned that, I think we panicked a bit when we scored and could have kept the ball a better, not vintage but that could be absolutely priceless.
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    4 out of 6 for Mowbray and i'm absolutely certain Fri would have been a loss and tonight a draw at best under clownpants. Might just be the new manager bounce but i think it's a bit more than that. So glad that lying. bulldusting imposter is away from the blue and white now.
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    The arguments about Jaoa and Mrs Senior is all getting a bit schrodingers cat, depending on which side of the argument you fall on, she is until someone proves otherwise, she isnt until someone proves otherwise. For what it's worth, as I've said loads and loads, my Dad currently works at the top end of the food chain at a NW club having held board positions at others, Senior is known to be a car salesman. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. His wife is definitely an agent, whether she is his agent is very hard to say as most players don't just have one representative, unless of course you're at the Jorge Mendes end of the scale, which our players aren't. Jaoa is with Doyen and will be 'looked after' by several of their licensed intermediaries and player escorts I would have thought based on who is available at the time. The fact that Seniors wife works for an agency that represents his first and only signing isn't that alarming in itself as football is a very interbred world (the amount of managers, ex -players, etc, whose sons (and daughters) are agents, players escorts, helpers of varying degree is pretty staggering), however factor in the recent history of certain agents and agencies at Rovers and it does (and should) raise eyebrows at least and open up a perfectly valid question. The issue here comes down to transparency, with Seniors wife being an agent it is perfectly reasonable to expect that we would at some point either sign or have the chance to sign players who are represented by her/her employer, no problems with that, but be transparent. For instance a certain Scottish manager who lives in the Ribble Valley son works/worked for a certain Liverpudlian agent, said manager has signed players represented by said Liverpudlian agent, said manager/his club report those signings to the FA to show transparency. Is it unreasonable to expect us to go through the same due process?
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    Tell me, are these all nonsense too? Or just Rovers' Trust? http://www.supporters-direct.org/homepage/what-we-do/links/supporters-trusts Also, do you see Ewood Park protected as an Asset of Community Value as nonsense too? Perhaps the work they have done for the local community is also nonsense? Their aspirations - the aspirations of all of these trusts - to be part of the club structure... nonsense? Swansea City Trust a beacon for the merits of Supporter Trusts. Are they also nonsense? How about the way German football is not only organised but a thriving. Fans first. Safe standing. Bayern Munich season tickets cheaper than League Two. That must be proper nonsense?
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    Don't really know any of the people on the Trust, but surely no need for the sweeping dismissal of people, who are trying to do something. Others merely sit on their backsides, either complaining or happy clapping....
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    I personally can seperate long term goals for vital short term ones. We have to stay up, I don't see how the club can continue to function in League 1. Yes, there may be more cuts in the summer, but I'd rather chance my arm over this next 8 games then just meekly get relegated. The protests HAVE achieved something this season- there is far more publicity for our plight and I have no doubt they will resume. But I make no apologies for concentrating on survival this next 7 weeks.
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    I was as upset as anyone when his appointment was announced. But, after finding out the views of supporters of Middlesborough, West Brom and Coventry City who didn't have a bad word to say against him, I began to change my mind and to give him a chance. In his first three games he has demonstrated to me that he is the sort of manager that we want and need at this time. I haven't been as upbeat about my football club as this for several years. Thank you Tony Mowbray.
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    Putting the shortcomings of the trust aside along with the questionable agenda of WW... This change is supposed to make the trust a meaningful, proactive organisation that works on behalf of the fans... Something that none of us can say the club does. Respectable trusts such as Swansea's and Pompey's have proven that they can play an important role in bringing football clubs back to their community. Our's won't be anywhere near those trusts soon but they have to begin somewhere and for them to flourish they require support from the very fans who's rights they're fighting for... Yet you simply cast that idea off describing it as "nonsense"... People seem to look up to you on here Parson but with sweeping statements like this I fail to understand why. If you have a point to make then make it.
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    Glad to know our efforts are appreciated. It's also the reason why so many who continue to support the club turn their backs on the protests when they are attacked for simply following their club. People have different opinions and act and behave according to those opinions. Sadly, some on here can't accept that for some reason.
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    Burtons next two games are away at Huddersfield and Newcastle. Bristol city's next two are away at Brentford and Nobend. Forests next two are away at Wolves and Nobend. Lets not slit our wrists about Reading and Brighton just yet.
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    Fantastic, resolute performance by the whole team. Joao was an absolute revelation. Fulham couldn't deal with his direct running and skill on the ball. He looked a real handful and formed a very dangerous partnership with Emnes. This was a real team effort with everyone putting in a shift for the cause. I thought Lowe had a great game in midfield defensively and seemed to cover every blade of grass as did Guthrie. The difference that Mowbray has made to this team is unbelievable. We look so organised when we don't have the ball and deny space to the opposition whereas we looked so open under Coyle. Not out of the woods yet but Mowbray has brought a new sense of optimism to the club. The support was brilliant - everyone behind the players on the pitch and no negativity coming from anyone. There is a feel good factor about the place that hasn't been there for years and the atmosphere at games must help the players. Even if the worst was to happen I believe that Mowbray is the type guy who could finally turn things around. Well done Senior for bringing Mowbray and Joao to the club - two of the better signings we have made in recent years!
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    You have too much time on your hands "Shameful"...get over yourself. I am delighted to be proven wrong.
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    Ha, only on brfcs. I write a post that hopes a few hundred people can buy a 6 game ticket, to aid us in hopefully avoiding a return to the third tier for the first time in almost 4 decades. A hope that some young fans can pick up the Rovers bug- the very fans that will be needed to haul the club up by its bootstraps after these owners (finally, hopefully?) depart and it is deemed a 'ridiculous post'. Every fan I've spoken to, think it's a cracking idea, especially at this crucial time... then you log on to the brfcs parallel universe. I've took part in every concievable protest since the day I got pi$$ wet through pre Arsenal 6 long years ago, so I don't need lecturing on what's good for the club. The only 'ridiculous' thing I read on here is the constant complete mis-reading football fanbases. Where is the boycott at Charlton? Crowd of 14,500 at The Valley on Saturday Coventry? 10,000 at the Ricoh every week If people don't want to watch a Venky owned BRFC, can't blame them- however the conscientious objectors on brfcs are in a massive minority, most have stopped going because the product is cr*p. Another low crowd at Ewood? Ok, what else is new? A mass campaign of protest across multi-media, like what we saw throughout our FA Cup run? There's your publicity. The lower our crowds go, the harder it will be to ever recover in a post Venky future- yes the small number of boycotters that are massively engaged with the goings on at the club, the type of fan that spends their day on brfcs.com will return. But what about the thousands of fans that just go/used to go to watch a game of football on a Saturday? They get out of the habit, they've gone... probably for good- as have their kids, Venkys or no Venkys. We need to maintain a core of matchgoing support, at hopefully the highest level possible, so I applaud this initative and I make no apology for it.
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    Another massive game, take all three from this and we could be out of the bottom three at the weekend and 7 points from 9 will be superb. Mercer will be buying more cases of wine and you might have to queue to buy a ticket for Cardif. Little lad says he wants to go to this match (typical kid one win and he is back) so I think I will break the boycott and all three generations will be going (scabs the lot of us). Rovers 2 - 0 Wigan
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    He didn't save a shot that wasn't directly at him, one of them he spilled, went to punch and missed when he should have caught, didn't come for 2 balls he should have and put us under pressure with his kicking. Otherwise he was fine.
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    4 from 6 from Mowbray, not a fan of him but fair play. Decent start. Coyle are you watching you F****n b3llend
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    Get a hobby mate, you're dead boring.
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    I am still genuinely staggered that grown men are getting upset/bent out of shape by stuff that happens on the internet.
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    1) Boycotted since Lambert left. I'll go out on a limb here with no self righteous or egotistical motives but... I'm pretty sure I was one of the first people to stand up and protest against Venkys and Kean. Type in 'Kean Out' on google images and the white banner with with red paint is mine. 2) Yes. I've done protest marches from the town centre, brown cow, at home and away from home at Bpool, at the training ground too. The only one I can recall not doing is the one that was inside the ground this season. 3) Good question. Course I will but the current situation for me is a matter of principle. As a fan who was passed over the turnstile at the old Ewood, who climbed the railings when we scored, who sat on my dads shoulders... I deserve better,we both do (me and my dad) and as supporters (and customers!) we won't be lied to and blamed for the owners failings. My dad got free tickets the past 2 games and offered me on both occasions but I said 'no thanks'... I didn't talk him out of going though. Yet people come on here and think that its a decision taken lightly when thinking about your memories growing up, saying things like 'hiding behind boycotting' or 'apathetic'... That's the one the irks me... Course people are apathetic! Why wouldn't they be? It's not an easy decision not to go and watch your team and even more so when they've finally got lucky and appointed a decent manager.
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    Despite Gaz losing the plot towards the end, I wish him nothing but success going forward. He wasn't ever the man to get the best out of the team we had, but he did his best and imo over-performed on a personal level. Nothing more to say about him really.
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    "There were sweets thrown, hard-boiled sweets, I think there was a bottle and I wouldn't mind but they weren't my favourite sweets." Everyone knows Gary prefers soft centres.
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    Are you suggesting that it was Jason Lowe who shot JFK? If so, incredible. Just incredible. Talk about making the man a scapegoat. Not even Wilcox or Quinn got this treatment. A harsh man would suggest that Lowe would miss anyway, in fact, he probably wouldn't even have a shot. In fact he'd probably see the cavalcade approaching, start walking backwards off the grassy knoll get in his car and drive home.
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    Prior to the Sheff Weds game we had an Owls fan posting in a sensible and civilised manner and BRFCS posters responded in kind, making an interesting and informed debate. This guy was just a WUM who's only objective was to disrupt any topic relating to the game itself. Well done Mods!
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    The word resolute keeps springing to mind and I can't remember the last time I used that word when describing a Rovers performance. Alongside this was organisation, skill and bloody hard work with a real desire from the players. In accord with several others I thought Lowe was terrific. Whilst he will never spray thirty yard passes around but he tackled, harried and pressed like never before. The fans were excellent and being part of the celebrations after our second goal was remarkable. I can't think of a substitution that Mowbray has made that hasn't had a positive impact on the game. We spoke to a knowledgeable Fulham fan on the train back to Euston and he was impressed by Rovers. There is a long way to go yet and there will be many twists and turns but the renewed optimism brought by Mowbray give me a lot more confidence than I had four weeks ago.
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    Why shouldn't we moan about it? We don't like it. We want a proper manager who is allowed to manage all aspects of the first team, including recruitment. If that is held to be too much for one man then at least look at a properly qualified person to be DOF and make sure him and the manager are confident with one another and can actually work together for the good of the club. Here we have a decent manager being called a head coach and a nobody with no qualifications for the job over him. What kind of sense does that make to anyone?
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    The same as if we go down only slightly slower and less panic. Death by a thousand cuts continues rather than the legs being chopped off overnight.
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    Said it before and i'll say it again... Steele is the worst number 1 we've ever had. Garbage.
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    I liked the promotion team under Souness almost as much as the championship winning team under Kenny. The fact that Dunny, Duffer (my all time favourite Rover), Taylor and Johnson came through the junior ranks made it very sweet. I used to watch the youth teams down at Brockhall in those days and I remember telling a mate of mine about David Dunn and that he would be in the first team within twelve months and he was. I will never forget the League Cup win against Spurs and the exciting, attacking football we played epitomised in that away win, coincidentally, at White Hart Lane when we absolutely put them to the sword. Ok, Graeme lost the plot towards the end but every manager has a shelf life with the exception of only one or two and I think he just about got the credit he deserved. There's one thing for sure, if he came on the pitch at half time, he would get a rousing reception.
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    Watched it online. Didn't think it was a great game but sheer organisation from Mowbray got us the points. Mulgrew was head and shoulders above everyone, class act. Emnes although is inconsistent... He's the only player we have who can evidently create a goal out of nothing... Which is why he should play. First time in a long time I can remember giving a @#/? about a result, Mowbray is making Coyle look like the biggest joker in football management. I hope that prick Alan Nixon has been watching.
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    Just a bit of gentle ribbing, Stuart. Thought the emoji might have been a clue.
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    Not at the game but glad to see that the applause went well by all accounts. RIP
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    Time to work out who on here is Jason Lowe.