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  1. He keeps getting ridiculed for his opponents. Watching AJ smash up the last three American bums has me wondering. I know he has a big right hand, but he telegraphs that somewhat and I am surprised people keep falling for it. I think you have summed it up earlier. Fury hasn't fought since he won, Joshua keeps fighting lesser lads, Parker is new on the scene and Wilder has avoided the top boys wracking up some coin. It's all to play for and hard to categorise anyone as the best.
  2. I doubt Parker will knock Fury out and fancy Fury to win on points. Wilder's last 9 fights have been against. Fraudley Harrison - Liakhovich - Malik Scott - Stiverne - Eric Molina - Duhaupas - Szpilka - Arreola - Washington. Three of these I have never heard of! Molina got bounced by AJ in 3. Arreola had lost twice for the title before. Harrison was useless and immediately retired. Wilder has fought a succession of complete no hopers and there is no way you can pin that number one label on him yet.
  3. Linares fought the wrong fight first time round and tried to take Crolla out early doors. This helped Crolla considerably. He reverted to his boxing late in he fight to take it away from Crolla frist time round. It was always going to be tough for Crolla if Linares boxed from the word go. Saw Crolla lose to Dirty Derry a few years ago. Am amazed in hindsight he has achieved so much as I always thought he was pretty average and it is clear he has made the very best of his abilities. Garcia v Linares should be a great fight. Murray v Rosado at middle-weight should be a good battle!
  4. Can't argue with too much of that. Fancy Fury against Wilder and Parker, but think the Joshua fight could go either way.
  5. Put Faz and Garner in there and you are not far wrong. Two of my all time favourite players. For me, Tugay, Garner, Speedie, Hendry, Friedal, Shearer. Dunn was a fan favourite, as was Duff, but the crowd did not respond in the same way as they did for Howard Gayle for example. Any player that gets the whole stadium standing and singing their name surely qualifies.
  6. Crolla talking about moving up in weight to have a pop at Burns. Haye thinks he will be fit to fight again come November. The two Liams have an interesting looking fight coming up. Congrats to Sal Yufei at the lower weights. Looking forward to Box Nation / BT kicking in with some decent fights over the next few months.
  7. That Cruyff turn and kiss me quick hats. Match made in heaven. Gary Bowyer doing well in Division Four. Seven words that sum him up. But he better watch out as Exeter, Carlisle, Mansfield and Colchester are all hot on his heels! Or not so hot, depending on how you view those clubs.
  8. It wasn't just the late goals that let him down. 60+ conceded in his first season, late 50+ in his second. Strangely never understood that we needed a goalkeeper and a right back, nor that there are two nets on a football pitch and one of them needs protecting. I don't think his profile mentions that! The race for 9th? Yawn. His signings get lauded, all 38 of them. How many improved, were shipped out without contributing, or rarely played? Yes three or four were sold on for profit, but how many stagnated and went backwards? Judge? King? He initially did a good job, winning three out of four as caretaker, but then struggled to achieve anything other than manage our debt to another 50million in losses whilst we plodded about mid-table. The minute he was pressured he collapsed and was taking us down. Pleased he is doing ok two divisions lower with another basket case of a club. They have won their last three against luminaries Newport, Stevenage and Hartlepool and are now in the top 5. Hopefully he can re-build and go again, but he was never going to be considered for a position higher up based on what he achieved at the Rovers. Which was really pretty average with the players and financed squad at his disposal.
  9. Lets hope Hughie wins against Parker. Two Fury world champs will cheer everyone up. I know he got dropped against Cunningham in the 2nd round. But then inflicted his first ever stoppage in round 7. When Fury beat Cunningham he became IBF mandatory, 7th with Box Rec, 6th with the WBC, 5th with the WBO, but then lost his place as Haye cancelled on him twice. Then the scheduled Chisora fight for the European and British was also a WBO eliminator, but then Chisora cancelled on him with a fractured hand. Truth be told, Fury lost the best part of year and a half of his career due to Haye and Chisora cancelling fights. Three wasted training camps, paying sparring partners, no income, whilst Haye @#/? him about. So Fury was mandatory for Klitchko's IBF in April 2013. But fought Klitchko in November 2015. 2 and 1/2 years later! Meanwhile Klitchko fought Pieneta, then Leapai, then Pulev then Jennings instead of Fury. I don't blame him either. Why take on someone as hard to handle as Fury when you can stick to your formula of grab and hold against much smaller blokes with home town judges monitoring it all? As predicted, once he faced and fought the bigger guy it all unravelled for Klitchko. Strange how he collapsed mentally as well. Pretty clear as shown above that he didn't fancy any of Fury, at anytime and it showed in his unnatural performance, frightened to death. Decent fighter Fury. All will be revealed.
  10. Mythical champ? Lol. You are taking this a tad far. Why do you think Klitchko avoided him for years! Nothing mythical about getting into contention then winning the belts. Saw a video the other day when Fury was 22. Said he had sparred with Joshua then an amateur aged 20. Said Joshua gave him a going over for a few rounds and predicted he would be one to watch.
  11. Player of the year? Forget it this year. Bottom three for 75% of the season doesn't deserve awards.
  12. Tough on Crolla, but Linares is a decent fighter and Crolla has always been limited.
  13. A bit blinded? The guy is undefeated. 25-0. Until such time as someone gives him a decent fight I'll use my own judgement over those that think he is crap. Bums don't win Heavyweight titles. I dont get carried away with the personal stuff surrounding Fury, just focus on his ability and skill set. His size alone suggests he would be a handful for most as they always find out.
  14. 25 stone. Tomps the guy is 6 foot 9! When he fights at 18 stone 7 he is stripped right down. He is bound to get heavier between fights, not that I condone his massive beer belly of course. He has been big for years and no-one has mentioned PEDS. Even now the governing body don't seem to know their ass from their elbow with regards to this. At the moment he is banned for cocaine not PEDS, hearing early in May. (Which confirms he is very unlikely to fight in May as you stated). Not sure what more Fury could have done thoughout his career. Bitchko avoided him for years forcing him into eliminators, then got his ass whipped on his home turf when they met. Price avoided him, Haye ducked him twice, only Chisora fancied the job and he was easily handled. At the end of the day the guy is massive and any current heavyweight would have problems with him. We will soon see how poor an ageing Klitchko is when he fights Joshua. Obviously hope Joshua sparks him out as soon as possible but have a funny feeling the fight will surprise one or two, including Joshua. Meanwhile Fury's trash talk is exactly that. Having listened to Chisora, Whyte, Bellew, Haye, Darry Matthews, Ohara Davies etc lately, it is clear that Fury does nothing that many others believe perfectly acceptable.
  15. My relationship. She thought her 18th was far more important than Rovers v Charlton. All downhill from there.