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  1. Redwood now saying on TV that the no leaver voted for more money for the NHS or lower immigration levels. All they voted for was to take back control, plus If we have to fall back to trading under WTO rules we'll be just fine. The lies just keep on coming as the right wing of the Tory party take brexit for themselves.
  2. Anyone watch QT? striking how the brexiteers on the panel are all (even UKIP) now shying away from their positions on immigration control. Apparently we can't cap numbers now, nor can we assess what the immigration numbers might be - apart from accepting that levels might go up, or they might come down (according to David Davis). Which is exactly what we've got now. considering that immigration was the number one topic for leaving, if I'd voted that way I would be mighty angry at the obvious misleading arguments for taking that big leap into the dark.
  3. Well you asked about democracy - and when you get an answer you can't find anything sensible to say.
  4. Who's arguing with "majority rule"? A poor description of democracy in my opinion. Has Nicola Sturgeon the right to continue her stance on Scottish independence? Does she or her party have to accept that they will now never get independence. Would you Stuart, deny the Scots the right to decide their destiny at any time in the future just because they decided recently to reject independence - because that's what you seem to be arguing. For me, what I want is the extension of democracy. I want another referendum once the negotiations are finalised - and when we actually understand what the country faces. Failing that, after Brexit, I want the right to vote for other parties who might want to take us back into the EU if I so wish. Like I said, you're actually denying democracy, while I'm supporting it. youre wanting the debate closed down simply because you might lose the next one. Why should you fear losing a second referendum as long as the people got their wish at any point in time?
  5. Democracy is about having the right to object, to protest, to try to change things. youre not interested in democracy Stuart. You're argument goes against it.
  6. Maybe they have eyes on a few Engineering opportunities.
  7. Question time from wales. "How will wales replace the subsidies it receives from the EU"? now remember wales voted overwhelmingly to leave. Not one single person could offer any kind of answer.
  8. It's being reported today, that government brexiteers are focussing on trying to promote the idea that the UK should embrace the idea of falling back onto WTO rules - and that it's some kind of "good thing. Just as Boris was saying last week if I remember correctly. and the lies continue.
  9. We have control over immigration numbers. We can reduce all non EU immigration numbers at any point. Some people did use that argument as a front for who they really wanted to keep out - IMO. The irony is this..... the people who want immigration controlled and voted brexit because of it - of which there are many (as others have pointed out), really want non EU immigrants controlled. They only want certain immigrants, certain nationalities controlled. We all know which immigration they want controlled. I haven't heard one single person wanting for example. Australian immigration controlled. Talking to people I know who voted brexit, it's as plain as day.
  10. It's a leap into the dark because you were mislead and lied to. You still are. No one has any idea where we'll end up with this.
  11. If Carling did partnerships, they wouldn't pick Rhodes Tom. He doesn't do partnerships. I meant Carlsberg!
  12. Huddersfield haven't missed him either Jim.
  13. I don't know if you read properly what I posted, but I said that he was a good championship goal scorer. You dodged the point about his undoubted lack of ability. Jason Lowe doesn't come into it. One of us is bitter, that's for sure. The one who reckoned the team wouldn't score any goals if we sold him - and that it was vital that we kept paying £40 grand a week to him and had £9m running around the park in the championship. We're better off with a fit Danny Graham brought in on a free.
  14. I'm absolutely serious about his lack of footballing ability. Which particular skills of his has any club missed?