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  1. There not victims one bit.. Charlatans of the highest order
  2. The draws run won't continue.. As for working with the players not on international duty this doesn't seem to be the case as craig Conway for one has played in two testimonial games for Dundee United and Cardiff respective
  3. Freak results same as huddersfield home and away but we drew both .. Can't think of any we've absolutely murdered the opposition and come away not winning Bristol city must win Forest away mustn't lose Do you not agree this is how we've fallen under these charlatans
  4. No you dont jim but c'mon failing to beat the mighty Burton not once but twice regardless of who is in the hot seat is how far we've fallen with no disrespect to Burton... ...there's an old saying you have to beat the sides around you
  5. lol...he's probably only the boss at home when his Mrs and his cat are out
  6. Yes the leaving Coyle in position so long and the timing of the change may well send us down...The game we needed to win we only drew Burton away as it may come down to fine margins at the end of the season like that ...the change should of been made an awful lot sooner..
  7. Brighton stuttering of late so you never know... a point I'd gladly take now as long as we win our home games and pick up points on the road here and there we'll be OK...
  8. unfortunately this is one of the problems with having loan players the nearer to the end of the season it gets they sometimes couldn't care less as they know full well they won't be with you the following season...but when your in a fight for something that doesn't help one bit
  9. But then people owned the club who cared not like the charlatans we have now There is no way chancers like Pasha the double agent and his lapdog senior would get anywhere near nuttall Street
  10. Once safe or if relegated the heat of has to be turned on up
  11. LR you have heard the exact same as me about Senior.. I worked a few years ago at a corporate company where we had to undergo regular ethics courses.. But obviously underhanded things still went on
  12. Yes with us wigan and Burton having the hardest imho
  13. He won't has he's blinkered and doesn't want to know anything other than get behind the lads... Yes the team which has been downgraded season on season by these charlatans
  14. Can't remember the poster but I don't think it was credible as another poster shot him down with the qualifications required to be dof.. It looks as if he's pashas man... Yes that Pasha the double agent ( pardon the pun) I think JB deep down we all know the chances are under Venkys that we won't get anyone remotely decent on board behind the scenes who isn't a charlatan or cancer.. With more cuts on the way how can anyone ever succeed.. I don't know JB and don't have the answers it's heartbreaking watching what's happening and happened over the last few years
  15. Doyen sports. Who have offices and subsidiaries all over Europe JB with some very interesting reading on owls talk regarding them and the signing of Portuguese players... Now we've been here before different time different actors As your aware or care to trawl back to some of Dunnfcs posts he analyzes it in more detail and depth.. A lot of agents are interlinked and scratch each other's back for a few bucks