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  1. Maybe he posts on here. Would explain a lot.
  2. Possibly my favourite episode since the programme's return. Thought it was simply awesome.
  3. The problem is the cost of these shows and the indirect cost on television of swamping with a particular genre that is effectively pap. Networks seem to think there's a market meaning limited programming funds are directed from other types of programming to endless recycled ideas. For example, Celebrity Love Island cost approximately twice as much as your typical 8 part drama series. (Which would you choose... a season of Celebrity Love Island or two of Life on Mars?) Don't have a problem with some reality programmes but there's no need to pollute so much of the schedules with pale clones. That said, I'm pleased to say the only BB I've ever watched was set in the year 200,100 and was a front for the Daleks.
  4. It's neither been confirmed nor denied. A lot of red herrings will still be trawled I guess. Quite possibly Saxon is who many suspect, but how we arrive there is clearly being mapped more closely than Bad Wolf (created by accident as a theme) or Torchwood (was too blatant whilst trying to be subtle). At least the Saxon theme is clearly in your face and out-to-get-the-Doctor but in a consistent time frame. Incidentally, really looking forward to this Saturday's episode.
  5. Spurs in for MGP 'Exclusive' in Sunday Mirror. They must have missed the previous umpteen links.
  6. Pure speculation, but I think Hunt took exception to Toog's trick of being as far away from the dugout as possible just before being subbed. Today his opposite-side-of-the-pitch routine was even more amusing as he'd been all of 5 yards from the point of substitution as Dunny was walking to the touchline - and in a blink of the eye he was the opposite side of the pitch!
  7. Absolutely amazing - well actually it isn't - that Rovers fans when faced with two totally contradictory interviews in the space of a week decide that the negative one must be the real one. Why don't we just club together and buy him a ticket to go to whichever club is going to sign-him. As I've said time and time again, don't forget Tugay's not even played for Rovers for the last 5 years. He's been at Newcastle ever since he gave that infamous interview were he had the audacity to say the barcodes were a great club and he wouldn't have a problem palying for them. The press will spin whatever they want. Players say things in all innocence. Rovers fans believe the worst.
  8. On Soccer AM - it's a 4th shirt for one match only.
  9. How old was Larsson (36ish) and he'd never scored in the Premiership but was signed for MU. Still, don't think Benny will be anywhere other than Ewood next year.
  10. The official Spurs website is curiously worded in the way it uses 'kits' as it seems to suggest there's more than 2 going to be released. On their home page, one is blue-and-white....
  11. If the rumours are anything to go by, it won't be...
  12. Not quite as bad as Kishishev who is on loan at Leeds from Charlton. He'll most likely be relegated twice this season!
  13. --> QUOTE(Ste B @ Apr 28 2007, 21:37 ) 509123[/snapback] Think after reading some of the negative posts we would have been better losing 1 0 to give Rev and co something to moan about. Observer report got it spot on. It seems to be something about beating Charlton 4-1 that Rovers fans really dislike. When we won by the same scoreline in the 2001-02 season, on leaving the ground I walked quite a few people who were moaning "we might have won but we weren't very good".
  14. Silly money from German tv for moving a kick-off time. A little money from Eurosport or a little bit more from ITV3/Ch5 in the early rounds. If we were to progress, there'd be some more cash if you make it to ITV1. But it's not all about money.
  15. Talk is currently going on about the potential for Groobys this year. Believe it or not, the organisation of the awards is pretty hard work - I did the first 2 years, Paul did the 3rd - and we both have uncollected awards sitting in our cupboards! Watch this space...