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  1. Apologies to Forum I think I sent this twice not sure how to remove it??
  2. Well a massive game is next and could write where we are next season. We Really need to be on our A Game to get a result . I can only pray the team can produce our game of the Season. I would Take a draw . I do not believe we can afford to loose it, A big test for the Team. Tony and his staff.Another roller coaster ride for the fans. predictions??
  3. I am Happy with the appointment. I can see a vast improvement in the squad . Thank you T.M. I know We were told it was a short time 18 month contract or something, But I wonder if we can get him on permanently? I wonder what others think? We have a strong Manager who can see how a game is and can nodify the squad to its potential. I like the football I am seeing . please venkies try to get T.M ..
  4. I very optomistic of a Win . Score does not matter but i see a good game
  5. I like T.M so far he seems to talk sense and seem to have a good Idea of whats needed .. Time Will tell .