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  1. Shocking that you have to put up with this sort of thing. Who ARE these people??
  2. Outrageous that Jason has been overlooked.
  3. Just going round in circles here. I'm obviously just not as clever as you lot because you clearly have all the answers. "Let's just stay in the EU". As a position to take, it's frankly pitiful and in my view arguing over semantics is a waste of time but like I said you are all far smarter and far wiser than I. Good luck with your future endeavours in post-Brexit Britain, gents. I hope you have spent as much time protecting any investments or interests you might be worried about as you have bellyaching and crying over spilt milk.
  4. Democracies are built on the concept of majority rule, with minorities having an opportunity to disagree, protest even. It does not give the minority the right to rule. The majority of people in this country, who could be bothered to vote, decided they wanted to leave the EU. Those with most yo lose from this situation are exercising their democratic right to protest - but what for? (Btw, having a democratic right to protest is based a decision made by a majority). I'm still waiting for an answer (from some time ago) to the question of what anti-Brexit posters hope to achieve. Are they expecting to overturn the decision to leave? To have a second referendum? Keep having them until they get the answer they want? To be able to say 'I told you so'? A softer Brexit? I think it's important to the debate. More important even than aspersions and insults - believe it or not. Parting thought: what would happen if all of the brightest anti-Brexiteers got their heads together and decided on a way to take opportunities for a post-EU Britain? Second parting thought: what is the best way to win a negation? Have a strong walkway position. If you can't have a strong one then reconcile yourself to being able to work with the consequences of no deal.
  5. So there is a democratic vote held and your right to object to the outcome is democratic? There's really no answer to that, Paul. I'll pick you up on one thing though: my decision?
  6. So you don't see referendum results as democratic? Ok then. 'Railroading Brexit through' or being as expedient as possibly to avoid loads of uncertainty? Something that May would be blamed for if she took a few years to invoke Article 50. As for blaming remainers, not at all. We all have a part to play. Sitting back and saying 'it's all going to be really bad' is not going to make it better. The only people I blame are those who now want a say but didn't vote. Some think Brexit is a bad thing, others think it a good thing - even now. Why does that make them wrong? There are certainly plenty of British people who have suffered due to EU rules. Perhaps every decision should have a proportionally represented outcome? Maybe every government should be a coalition? Maybe Scotland should have been allowed to be 48% independent? Or maybe every voted decision should be re-run again and again until an outcome approved by liberals is achieved?
  7. UKIP, whatever anyone thinks of them, achieved their objective. It should be no real surprise that they would fade from the spotlight. We now need strong leaders to put Britain - with all its values - firmly on the map. We aren't part of a union with the USA or China or India or the Middle East (amongst others) yet we manage to trade with them. What will do untold damage to this country for decades is half of the remainders wallowing in self-pity, while the other half of them set course for a self-fulfilling prophesy - just to be proven right. For some reason democratic values only seem to matter when the liberals get their way.
  8. If anyone is missing their Saturday football fix, Liverpool TV (Sky 429) is showing free live coverage of Liverpool Legends v Real Madrid Legends. Only reason I mention it is that a 41yo Michel Salgado is racing round like a 27yo! Could do a job in the Championship...!
  9. To maximise viewing figures for the "crunch" Premier League fixtures?
  10. Maybe it's in response to their site being added to the swear filter? Surely you're not worried about a little competition. Is also banned?
  11. Jason Lowe without a doubt. He has absolutely personified our season.
  12. 100% spot on. I think because of the migration from the erstwhile official board, a lot of the new posters 'hit the ground running'. This makes them seem shouty and arrogant very quickly. If a local pub closed and all of the regulars migrated to another pub, would they stroll in like they owned the place on day 1 and not expect a reaction?
  13. In my experience mods use a totting up process. I always though bring called a brick was a complement. I guess this isn't the best place to carry on this discussion. Ask Admin would be my suggestion.
  14. No, the key is to understand that there is a term called context (and intent). Jim and I have had spats* on here for years and years my friend. He's a big boy and we both enjoy the sport. That's because we are both adults (even though sometimes we don't act like it). He's already responded in kind several times, and somehow we've both managed move on with our lives following this traumatic ordeal. Just because you don't like me (or rather my posting style) it's no reason to get bent out of shape. Seems though that your post is more an implied criticism of the mods than me though but that's your prerogative. Interesting too that people get more offended on behalf of someone else than they do themselves. Have a nice day. *they're not really spats cos... it's just a messageboard!
  15. Metaphor, surely.