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  1. Blueboy, it is perfectly possible for anyone of any race to "play the race card", I actually thought Ince did when Rovers sacked him. The press took it up with gusto as well to make us look bad. Surely you'd agree we had to sack him because he was crap and we'd have gone down if we'd kept him? If Rovers were racist we never would have appointed him in the first place? I don't offer an opinion on Rosenior because I don"t know enough about him but it isn't automatically racist to make the comment as you should be able to see from the example I gave above.
  2. Actually Dunn FC, the attempted insult you wrote as being directed against Stuart was against me. I had 2 Blueboy insults in there and both are worn as badges of honour!
  3. There's been a few in recent times who seemed, to me anyway, to be deriving their pleasure from winding people up. Mods let them run free and are now paying the price. That's how I see it. Major blame goes to said idiots not Mods though.
  4. Well we are we all agreed our owners are "awful", I think! But are they wilfully awful and complicit in destroying our club for their own ends? Or are they hapless victims screwed by agents and other evil-doers on the make? That's the question!
  5. Not sure what point you are trying to make here but, knowing you, it won't be very wholesome.(or accurate)
  6. 6 posts and you've been banned before? How's that work then? I'm not looking for a ban for you by the way. I just assumed it would be automatic. Would have been once. So I guess I'm waiting to see what new guidelines now apply. if you do slay Suhail you'll get nothing but gratitude from me!
  7. I'm thinking Grizfoot meant he would never CONDEMN anyone for going to a match?
  8. You're the type who would make any snide accusation against someone you didn't like. But even ignoring your past, you would have to admit the guy is out of order and, unless he has no sense of how the site operates, would be expecting a ban wouldn't he? Plenty have been banned for for less,including me. Perhaps he was looking for a ban? Like Majiball----remember him? I really couldn't give a rats what you think.
  9. This MB is getting more like the LT everyday. Just need a few John Clarets to finish the job.
  10. Yeah right! You understood it all so well that when I explained it you replied "according to you"!!
  11. Nothing hysterical there at all, that's simply an attempt at defflection on your part. If you had bothered to read posts properly you would have understood the distinction between criminality and rule-breaking and for that matter, business ethics. It's been discussed many times. And it's not"according to me", it's a fact.
  12. No, you've not read it wrong you've simply misunderstood the basis of the whole debate about Venkys actions over 6+ years. For the umpteenth time, 3rd party ownership and other related activities are not illegal, and this has never been the issue. However it is in breach of the FA's rules!! The reasons are obvious and can be encapsulated in the phrase"conflict of interest". The problem has been collecting the evidence and then persuading the FA to enforce its own rules! This is not to say that illegal activities have not occured but 3rd party ownership of an English football club is not illegal in itself,simply against the rules and immoral. Can we please stop going over the same old ground? This has been explained many times!
  13. There's no evidence and even if there were he doesn't see a problem!!!! So let's go back to something he thinks is more important! What on earth is the point of debating with someone like him?
  14. No, he's not read Glen's blog and he won't. Easier to wind people up if you ignore the truth.
  15. "alliteration"! Thanks for that Mike, haven't heard that term since 6th form Latin! You don't teach at Eton do you?!!