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  1. A genuinely class midfielder and probably ranks as my favourite ever Rover. An absolute joy to watch and as someone pointed out earlier, when he made a total mug of Gerrard on boxing day, it was superb. That screamer of a volley past Spurs was unreal, i think it gave me a minor heart attack. There was also a goal past some team in Europe, where he looked like he'd held on to the ball for too long before rifling one in the top corner. I often type his name into YouTube and relive some of his finest moments. What an absolute legend.
  2. Islamic State "Claims" responsibility for the attack.
  3. Awful news from Westminster. We await the details but treated as a terror attack.
  4. http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/football/pompey/american-billionaire-bids-to-take-over-pompey-1-7874456 Portsmouth set to be bid for and then unveil new "big man, little man" strike force of Goofy and Mickey Mouse.
  5. He's been a great signing, just needs to stay injury free. Should be captain as well.
  6. Allardyce
  7. The only thing more infuriating than conceding a last second equaliser.....
  8. Never did accept my LinkedIn request
  9. F***S SAKE!
  10. They've already got banners out at the game.
  11. Come on!!
  12. Derby 2-1 up
  13. FFS come on Rovers!
  14. -------------------Steele Nyambe--Lenihan--Hoban--Williams Feeney----Lowe--Guthrie--Mahoney ---------------Emnes --------------------------Joao Never thought i'd be starting both Feeney and Lowe but here we are. If Mulgrew is fit then he'd be starting either at CB or CM. Joao has earned a start as I think Mahoney has. Both have contributed very well off the bench and even though they could be classed as impact subs, sooner or later they need to start a game off the back of good sub appearances.
  15. Went to the cinema last night to watch Logan, so missed all the drama. Which probably helped as I would have gone crazy in those last 10 minutes. A great result against high flying Fulham. Really expected us to come unstuck here but the work that Mowbray has done in just 6 games is superb. It goes without saying, we would be well and truly buried by now if Coyle was still in charge.