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  1. The onus was on the Brexit campaign to put to the British people their negotiated deal. Instead they came with a bunch of 'we could' type statements, described any questions or criticism as 'project fear' without ever giving a proper answer (as they didn't have a deal to fall back on), and then mostly ran for the hills once the vote was in. So after 2 years of negotiations, which are going to be run by the Tory party (despite this being a non-party vote), then at that point in my opinion we will actually have something to put to the British public as a choice rather than a guess. It ties the government to negotiate for the good of all the British public, and gives the government a proper mandate to accept the deal on the table in 2 years time.
  2. Still cannot believe that Ofcom hasn't totally separated the companies. BT has manipulated their fibre roll-out to suit their own commercial business interests for years, directly missing areas with no competition to focus on areas where they can rival Virgins network. I don't know what the current map looks like but the initial fibre roll-out maps from BT almost directly overlaid the Virgin network, with the areas being covered in second/ third / fourth phases having no competition.
  3. Taught in Saudi 12 years ago.
  4. Yeah thats my only concern As for the 'your favourite religion' stuff, in my opinion you just make yourself look ignorant and prejudiced.
  5. So the crime was committed by a syrian or aghani refugee or a migrant?
  6. So if we need a country the size of China to replace the exports to a EU based Belgium, what country's will replace France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy and Ireland? When Rees-Mogg comes out and says that the EU is only 7% of the country's in the world and we have a opportunity to trade with the other 93% - this is exactly the point that should be made back. Guardian reporting that some Tory MP's are for a hard Brexit on WTO tariffs so we can move to a low tax economy, and these people are trying to influence the negotiations in that manner. Nice to see that open referendum based on non-party grounds is now not the voice of the electorate, but the infighting of the right-wing government. And still nothing from Corbyn. You just know he's waiting until there is a full deal on the table before he'll start critising it, the guys and activist not a leader.
  7. I see racial stereotyping is still a thing on here then.
  8. The thing is, prior to the referendum the Brexiteers should have done all the negotiations and come to the table with a viable alternative to the status quo to vote on. That would have stopped all the uncertainty and untruths (apart from the politiking), and at least given a proper choice to debate.
  9. Disappointed, but Ireland deserved it, took far too long to deal with their rolling maul. Was a tight game, and one moment of brilliance or a referees call separated the teams. No disgrace in losing to Ireland- they where pre-tournament favorites for many people on the back of their win vs the All Black's and good performance vs Australia in the Autumn.
  10. 100% agree, it's no wonder why for most debates in the house there's less than 20 people there. If these politicians don't have enough to do, then they should be back in their constituency trying to help where they can.
  11. If the Brexit deal is strong enough then it won't be an issue, and will give Parliament the mandate to go ahead. What could be more democratic? It also holds those doing the negotiations to be more focused on a deal for the whole of the people rather than a section.
  12. May rejecting a second Scottish referendum. Ruth Davidson saying in the scottish parliament that Scotland needs to see what deal is in place with Brexit first. So following that logic, we must be getting a second Brexit referendum all over the UK once the negotiations have finished?
  13. £70k seems a low (albeit record) fine for the widescale and organised overspending by the Tories in the last General Election in key marginal seats. A drop in the ocean of the spending. Should those affected seats go for by-election?
  14. United charged with failing to control their players after the red card. Wonder how many 5 game bans will be dished out?